Golf Vacations Around the Globe

Looking at golf vacations for that exclusive/fabulous golf combination? Freelance travel writer, Ella Jameson highlights some of the top luxury golf vacations from across the globe

  • Carribean – of Le Touessrok Golf Course Mauritius
  • French Riviera – Cannes – Royal Mougins Golf Estate, France
  • Mauritius – Le Touessrok Golf Course
  • Nevis – Lesser Antilles – Pinney’s Beach, Nevis
  • Italy – Amalfi Coast – Le Costiere Persano, Italy
  • South Africa – Cape Town – Pearl Valley, Cape Town

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Golf Vacations across the Globe
Exploring opportunities for luxury travel for golfers and non-golfers

Le Touessrok Golf Course Mauritius

Le Touessrok Golf Course Mauritius

The fact that golf is played in some of the most glamorous destinations in the world offers distinct possibilities for golfers and non-golfers dreaming about luxury holidays in the sun.

So when you or your partner becomes increasingly smitten with the game, share the passion for the sport and use its advantages to your advantage… exotic and far-flung desert islands will suddenly be a few steps closer.

While the golfer improves their handicap on the golf course, there are plenty of activities to occupy the non-golfer in beach resorts like those found on Mauritius, for example.

While the cat’s away, the non-golfer can brush up on their tennis, go sailing, snorkelling or scuba-diving. They can luxuriate with multiple deep tissue massages at the resort spa or just hang by the pool, sipping Sundowners until the sun goes down.

So if that Caribbean Holiday is looking less likely every year, casually mention how many of the best golf courses in world can be found in the region, then stand back and watch the penny drop. In this light, your partner’s preoccupation with golf may just be the gift that keeps on giving. Here are the 5 top travel destinations for those with luxury golf travel in mind:


Royal Mougins Golf Estate, France

Royal Mougins Golf Estate, France

The Royal Mougins Golf Estate – Cannes – Cote D’Azur Welcome to the French Riviera. The land where class is not defined by the name you are born with, but by your attitude to life.

Cannes is where shop-girls walk like supermodels and the hyper-strangulated growl of supercars along the Boulevard de la Croisette is a constant reminder that they do things differently down here. Vive la difference!

This lavender scented region of Provence will allow the inner artist in you to be suitably channelled. This, after all, is the home of Picasso, Leger and Cocteau. The South of France oozes espadrilles and pastille shades of charm. It is a haven for those accustomed to the good things in life.

The Royal Mougin Golf Estate is just such a case in point. Nicely situated a few miles between Nice Airport and the sparkling Mediterranean city of Cannes, Royal Mougins is a member’s only golf resort where you need to be a resident of the hotel to play.

The Royal Mougins has an intimate and relaxing atmosphere that will impress those with elegance on their minds.

Positioned in the secluded “Vallon de l’Oeuf” the 18-hole course was designed by American architect, the late Robert von Hagge and extends for 6,004 m through a lush, wooded vale.

Book yourself into the resort for a few days and enjoy several rewarding rounds of golf. Then head into Cannes for beach and bling and mingle with fashionistas from across Europe.

First time visitors beware, it is illegal to enter Cannes without a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses perched on your head!

Le Touessrok Golf Course

Le Touessrok Golf Course

Mauritius and the Iron Golf Amateur Golf Competition:  Mauritius tops the wish-list for many golfers and non-golfers alike. The climatic conditions in this part of the Indian Ocean border on perfection and there are many well designed courses attached to some of the best luxury beach resorts in the world. The question is where to begin?

The answer is the 2014 Iron Golf Amateur Competition. It happens every year in March, presenting a mouth-watering seven day challenge for the golfer and a ten day, luxury holiday for the non-golfer.

There are 7 stunning courses to be enjoyed for the duration of the competition: four courses on the East Coast of Mauritius and three on the West Coast. What makes the Iron Golf Tour such a great prospect is the combination of white sand beach resorts coupled with well maintained tropical golf courses.

Mauritius – the perfect sporting landscape   The standout course has to be Le Touessrok, designed by Bernhard Langer and situated on its own tropical island a few metres off the shore of the main island. Le Touessrok also happens to be one of the finest beach resorts in the world situated within its own private blue lagoon.

The views to out to sea will take your breath away and you will soon appreciate Mauritius is a unique sporting landscape and a fabulous holiday destination.

As an added bonus the tournament also means that you get to experience the best of the island because the Iron Golf Tour is a twin centre vacation with hotels for competitors situated on both East and West Coast. Paradise on Earth just got a little bit better.

Pinney’s Beach, Nevis

Pinney’s Beach, Nevis

Nevis, Lesser Antilles, the Caribbean   Pronounced Nee-vis, this sombrero shaped island less than seven miles in length punches well above its weight as a luxury golf destination. With a population of just 10,000 Nevis is where island sophistication, five star service and welcoming smiles abound.

Pinney’s Beach is the famed four mile strip of land on the West Coast named after a 19th century plantation owner. It is now the site of a golf course designed by architect legend Robert Trent Jones Jnr. The result is 6,800 yards of undulating perfection with spectacular views to neighbouring St Kitts.

On the subject of St Kitts, Nevis and its close neighbour possess remarkably different characteristics and present a unique opportunity to experience two Caribbean golfing paradises for the price of one.

St Kitts is lively and intoxicating while Nevis is laid back and well-ordered. A short ferry ride separates the two islands. This means that the St Kitts Golf Club is also within an easy mornings commute across the strait.

On the challenging 12th it’s possible to play with the Atlantic on your left and the Caribbean on your right. Rest assured, the sun always shines right down the middle.

Le Costiere Persano, Italy

Le Costiere Persano, Italy

Italy and the Amalfi Coast   Italy is a remarkably diverse country combining beautiful landscapes with Italian flare and couture. If you think you know Italian cuisine – think again.

Although the sport of golf took root in Italy over a century ago, for some the country is still considered off the beaten track. But don’t let that deter further investigation because there are some magical golf courses in Italy.

When in Rome, as the saying goes, do as the Romans do. Well, when the Romans want luxury holidays they go south of the Eternal City to the Amalfi Coast.

This luxury golf destination is not dependant on a particular golf course to sell the holiday. The Amalfi Coast can sell it to you in a heartbeat. In fact, you may well forget the reason for your visit. So for that reason, and for many others, Italy is the wildcard of the pick.

Though golf courses in Italy are improving all the time, it is when the sport is allied to natural beauty and climate, food and sophisticated Italian style that this option becomes increasingly difficult to ignore.

Use Naples as your point of reference to explore the historic region. Notable golf courses include Pozzuoli, on the outskirts of the city, or Castel Volturno (not far from the dread Mount Vesuvius) and Le Costiere Persano Royal Golf Club; all within easy striking distance.

Non-golfers will easily be persuaded by the delights of Sorrento, Ischia, and Capri have to offer. Some of the best boutiques in Italy are located near the stunning coastline.

Seriously, you are spoilt for choice. If you prefer your luxury golf holiday sprinkled with sophistication then you are in for a real treat. This golfing holiday just took an upward swing.

Pearl Valley, Cape Town

Pearl Valley, Cape Town

South African Golf Safari  No luxury golf holiday could be complete without a visit to South Africa and in particular Cape Town, where game reserves blend seamlessly with the game of golf.

The Mother City, or Cape Town as it is also known is a fascinating blend of old and new, where past troubled history has given way to multi-cultural confidence.

There are plenty of things to see and do – but the best has to be just staring at the jaw-dropping spectacle that is the Table Mountain 3,563 feet above sea level. Everyone at least once in their lives should witness this natural phenomenon.

Cape Town has a deserved reputation as a leader in fine wine and fine dining. Tourists are flocking to South Africa, flourishing economically as the rand performs well against the dollar.

Some of the golf clubs may have prohibitive members only policies but there are still plenty with accessible regulations for the overseas visitor.

Pearl Valley just outside Cape Town has to be the pick of the bunch. This relatively new course designed by legend Jack Nicklaus has won many awards since it opened in 2003.

Combine the great game of golf with a big game safari, throw uber-colourful Cape Town into the mix and you have a luxury golf holiday experience of a lifetime that has it all: good weather, good food, great scenery and international-class golf courses.

Choose your luxury golf destination  Pick a glamorous destination anywhere on the planet and chances are there is a championship golf course within a ten minute drive – that’s a win-win situation.

If you dream about a luxury holiday in Mauritius but you are having trouble convincing your other half, just drop a hint that some of the greatest courses are to be found on the island. Then stand back and allow a few heartbeats for the required reaction.

What are you waiting for? Pick your favourite location and let the scenery do the rest. You will not be disappointed.

Where would you go for your luxury golf vacation? Share your latest adventure and add your comment in the space below.


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