Golf With Confidence: The Key to Improving Your Game

Every golfer who wants to improve her game will eventually discover that the key to success lies not so much in the golf equipment she uses as in the tools she has within herself. I’m talking about inner confidence that helps her know, without anyone telling her, that she has the ability to improve and succeed on the golf course.

I’ve been listening to the CD “Golf Is A Game of Confidence,” by Dr. Bob Rotella and Bob Cullen. The key to his teaching is very simple: belief in your ability to succeed. Of course, you should get yourself to the practice range, hit buckets of balls, chip and pitch, and practice putting every chance you can. But more than the physical practice, he advocates what he considers an equally important MENTAL practice.

As you practice your game, don’t just go out and hit balls. Practice visualizing the success you want to achieve with each and every stroke. Pick out a target, the smaller the better, and imagine the ball going right to that spot. Then look at your ball. And swing. If you don’t quite make your target, make whatever slight adjustment is necessary and try again. Allow your last stroke to teach you what you need to know to succeed. Did you use too much club? Too little? Did the wind affect the direction? What do you need to do to compensate and get back to your target? As you practice, take this feedback in and make whatever correction is required. Go through your routine again. Look at the target, look at the ball, and swing. It’s a routine and rhythm thing you are trying to build. And each successful swing adds to your confidence. You know you can hit your target. You know you can do it again. Look at the target, look at the ball, and swing.

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