How To Hit Your Golf Shot Over The Water Everytime

Water does not have to be a problem!

I just returned from a three day golf vacation to Amelia Island Plantation where this topic: How to hit your golf shot over the water was a key issue. Like many golf courses in Florida, the three courses we played;  Ocean Links, Oak Marsh and The Club at North Hampton were designed where water came into play on almost every shot. It was either the Atlantic Ocean that loomed along the fairways, or the marshes and streams that lined the length of so many holes. No matter— water was a factor.

5.0.2Water became a major intimidating factor on the last hole of the last course we played and it affected every one of us in my threesome. The 18th hole on the Ocean Links course is a small island green. Only 92+ yards, it’s surrounded by water. But it’s only 92 yards. An easy pitch shot would get you there. Hah!

The mental side of the game of golf made itself quite apparent as the first golfer in our group hit and PLOP! ball right into the water. Now it was my turn. You guessed it. All I could think of was trouble. Swing, hit, PLOP! Water. Finally, the third golfer hit her ball. Swing, hit…. it looked good at first but went towards the bushes on the right, and though we didn’t see it enter the marsh – it too hit water.

What is it about water anyway? And how do you overcome the curse of it? How do you stop thinking about the water? How do you get it out of your mind and focus instead on a successful shot? I found a great video from Tiffany Mika that I think every golfer should watch. She makes it look so easy. Watch this, and then go practice getting into the rhythm of your swing. Forget the water and focus on your swing and your target. Add your comment below and let me know how this works for you.

  2 comments for “How To Hit Your Golf Shot Over The Water Everytime

  1. May says:

    Just think, they’re having the same trouble with getting over the water on golf courses halfway around the globe! I liked the video and it makes sense to use a movement and kind of mantra to keep your mind on your stroke.

    • Pat Mullaly says:

      The mental side of golf is an interesting mix- keep swing thoughts simple simple… to keep all other negative thoughts out of your mind. It’s a tough trick to manage, I find.

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