How Important Is Your Golf Grip?

On a scale of 1-10 how important is your golf grip in helping you play great golf?

For the last two months my golf game has been in a major slump! I need to get out of it! Fast! Next week I’m on my way to Alabama to play on some great golf courses, (Going back to Kiva Dunes! – Read about my last trip here.) and if my game stays the same as it is today, I’ll be having a very bad time. Guaranteed!!!

I’ve practiced more often and am playing three times a week, but nothing has worked. UNTIL!!! I realized the problem was in my grip! It seems so simple — so basic — so elementary! And it’s precisely because the way I grip the club is in fact the foundation for everything else…. if I screw up my grip- everything else is out of whack.

In this short video, PGA Instructor, Michael Breed gives a short demo on the proper way to grip the club…. especially the correct way to place your thumb down the shaft to give you the leverage you need.

A lot of other things can go wrong in the golf swing, but if you start with a bad grip, there’s very little chance you’ll have a good result.’

All that being said, is there a perfect golf grip you should use?

To answer that question I turn to the experts. These two fellows, Piers and Andy from “Meandmygolf”  add their two cents which you might find valuable. If you’re working on finding your grip, it’s worth the watch.

“How important is your golf grip?” – It’s the key, the #1, the absolute most important thing you have to get right. Grip the club correctly, and good golf will follow.

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