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No matter how good a golfer you are, there are times when your swing is just not working for you. It’s happened to me once too often. Everything is going along well and I’m hitting the ball with force and power, straight down the fairway, I’m breaking my own personal best score and thinking that finally! I’ve got the hang of this game of golf.

Of course, the golf gods are usually laughing at my smug attitude. And as it happens, the next time I go out for a round of golf, my swing is gone. I mean gonzo. And I have no idea why or what I’m are doing wrong. I ask my fellow golfers to watch me swing and they all come back with different ideas. “You’re lifting your head.” “Your feet are too wide apart.” “Your feet are too close together.” Whatevah!

One thing I’ve learned: Unless you have a truly objective observer watching your swing, it’s unlikely you’ll get the helpful feedback you need.

Brant Kasbohm, PGA InstructorRecently, I found myself in another really bad swing slump and I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. My head was full of so many swing thoughts I was totally confused. It was then that I discovered Brant Kasbohm, a PGA Director of Instruction who has a great solution to every golfers worst swing problem: Online Interactive Golf Instruction!

Brant offers a program called in which he presents a video analysis of your swing and gives valuable feedback you can take right to the practice range and to the golf course. I decided to check out the program. I took a couple of quick videos of myself swinging the golf club, one from the front and one from the side. I transferred the videos to my computer, saved them as quicktime movies and sent them along to Brant for analysis.

Once he saw me in action, Brant was easily able to see my problem and offer some quick tips to help me correct it. Humbling as it is to see myself on screen, I think it is a valuable tool that I found very helpful. Not only does Brant do a video analysis but he includes step by step written feedback and is readily available for an online consultation to answer or clarify any question. Click here to watch Brant’s analysis of my swing. One of my major “swing flaws” is a pretty common problem, especially among women. I have a tendency to lift up my body as I swing. In his written analysis he noted:

This “lifting” or “standing” up out of the posture is very common among women, and I’m really not sure why.  I’ve had numerous discussion over the years with other golf instructors (both men & women), and have not come to a conclusion as to why this is so common among women.  It’s a common swing flaw, and is common among men as well, but seems to be almost universal among women.

I have my own theory why women have this almost universal tendency and I discussed it a bit with Brant. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that women have breasts! It was a lively exchange of viewpoints. You can read more about this in another post: Why Women Stand Up When They Play Golf.

Getting an online analysis of your golf game might be just what the doctor ordered. To learn more about this program visit It’s a program for players of all skill levels. If you are looking for a convenient and cost effective way to get your swing analyzed by a professional, this program might just work for you.

What do you do when your swing “goes south” on you? How do you fix it?

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  1. temm9 says:

    I was playing really well this season and then everything stopped working for me. I couldn’t figure it out so I had a video analysis done at my local golf course. When I saw myself swinging the golf club it looked so different from what I thought I was doing. It was a big help to see myself on video. The golf pro was able to give me some good ideas to help me fix what was wrong. And it wasn’t too expensive. Well worth the money to find out what was really happening.

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