Online Shopping For A Golf Jacket — And How I Saved A Lot Of $$$$ In The Process

I bought a new golf jacket this week. After searching in all the local golf retail stores without success, I finally took one retailer’s advice and decided to shop online. It still took a while, searching through a lot of golf merchants’ online stores, comparing features and prices, but I finally settled on a jacket I had actually tried on in one of the local shops. (Loved the jacket but they did not have my size or the color I wanted.) Found the jacket, but jumped back a bit at the price— more about this in a moment…

The jacket: DRYJOYS WOMEN’S PERFORMANCE LIGHT JACKET … lightweight, comfortable and combines the feel of a windbreaker with waterproof performance and overall breathability. Tailored especially for women. (Which means it allows for the fact you have a chest!) It retails on the FootJoy site for $175.00 Yikes!!!

In the retail store they were having a 10% off sale so the price was closer to $157. (Still YIKES!)… but in the online stores the price was even lower: $149. I really liked the jacket and figured I would wear it for several seasons… but $149 was still a bit more than I wanted to pay.

And this is what happened next and how I managed to save a lot of $$$$!

After putting all this time and effort into searching for a jacket online, I had finally found the jacket I wanted, in the color and size I was looking for – (it’s purple by the way!)… and the best price was on — $149. and free shipping as well. So I selected the item and placed it in my online cart.

But something happened, I got distracted… don’t remember exactly — the mailman at the door, a phone call — doesn’t matter. The point is, I left the site and did not complete my purchase.

The next day I got an email from –

Need Help Deciding? – We noticed that you found a few things you’re interested in, but didn’t purchase.

This message was followed by a picture of the jacket I had left in the shopping cart on their site – and now the price was listed at $99.97!!! That was nearly 50% off! Now I was definitely interested. I bought the jacket.

I have a friend who has discovered this same process saves her a lot of money when she is shopping on line., a merchant site that sells great products stores have overstocked… still good but at discounted prices… has a habit of reminding buyers of anything they may have left in their shopping carts and offers them additional discounts!!!

I guess it’s a good idea to shop — then go away before buying. Wait for the email reminder and a possible discount! I did and got a great jacket at a great price.

See you on the golf course soon. Hope it drizzles a little and is windy so I can try out the waterproofing! 🙂

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  1. Dee Dee Grevelis says:

    Looks like a great jacket. Hope it rains for you — but not on a Tuesday, please!

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