I’m Playing Golf With Annika Sorenstam

Long before I began playing golf I watched it on TV and one player I was always eager to watch was Annika Sorenstam. She was just the best player out there as far as I could tell. She retired a few years ago in order to start a family, but she is still thoroughly involved in the game having established Annika Academy in Florida, her golf schools and her foundation.

I stumbled across her website from my Facebook page. She just posted a Play Golf With Annika Video Contest! All I have to do is create a short 1 minute video explaining why I should be the one to play a round of golf with her and submit it to a social media site. Then I just have to fill out the contest form, send Annika the link to the video and voila! I win.

I’m seriously thinking about this. The contest starts on September 8 and ends on October 14, so I’ve got lots of time to figure out my message and plan and shoot a creative video. The operative word being “creative!” The videos people submit will be based on the following criteria: (i) creativity and originality; (ii) relevance to theme; (iii) persuasiveness and passion for golf.

I’m creative and original, I can be relevant if I really try and I know I can be persuasive and passionate given half the chance.

The entrants whose videos have the ten (10) highest scores will be deemed Finalists and will advance to the Final Round of judging. Those final 10 videos will then be posted on the Contest Web Site and the public will be able to vote on their favorite. There are lots of other little rules and regulations but you don’t have to know all that right now.

But if I’m going to do this, I will need your help.

I’m pretty creative but will need your feedback… I’m thinking I’ll create a video, post it here and get your reaction. You tell me if you think it’s creative, persuasive and relevant…and if I’m passionate enough.

I’ve got till October 13—one day earlier than the contest deadline. That way I won’t screw up my submission date. What do you think? Shall I go for it? If I post a video here on golfgurls.com would you be willing to watch it and be a critic? Maybe I’m nuts. But I think it might be a fun thing to do. And it won’t cost anything but my time. I’ve got all the equipment, and I’m the star… I just need to come up with the right idea!

P.S. By the way, if any of you want to join the contest feel free. Click on the link above! The more the merrier!

  7 comments for “I’m Playing Golf With Annika Sorenstam

  1. Anne Bersani says:

    You must show your dedication to the sport by mentioning golfgurls.com and your affiliation with the Tee Club and all the friends you’ve made through golf. Talk about the ladies who love golf, even though they don’t score well and probably never will, but immensely love golf for the social and physical aspects of playing the game. Mention our annual trips and say that if you did get to play with Anna you would be inspired to promote the game of golf to all women and you would feature her on your web site.

    • Pat says:

      Thanks Anne… great suggestions! It’s a new angle I will certainly incorporate in one of my “test” video ideas. Stay tuned!

  2. lori johnson says:

    Go for it! I’ll be happy to you.

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