Golf Club Review: The New PowerBilt Air Force One DFX Driver Goes the Distance

content-powerbilt-golf-largeicon-homeRecently was asked to write a golf club review on the new golf driver from PowerBilt Golf. What we found is going to surprise you! 

If you are in the market for a new driver that is packed with explosive power to send your drives further than ever before and is still forgiving enough to keep your drives on the straight and narrow even when you mishit — if that’s what you’re looking for — the new PowerBilt Air Force One DFX Driver should be near the top of your list to test out.

It has this new technology PowerBilt calls “Nitrogen Charged.” It’s a newly patented method to reinforce the face of the club without adding any weight. This gives tremendous support to the club face and the lightness of the club helps every golfer to increase swing speed, which translates into longer drives. (They have a short video that explains it all.)

GolfGurls was asked to review this latest driver and give some honest feedback. PowerBilt sent along a 12.5 degree PowerBilt Air Force One DFX Driver. We passed the club to a number of good golfers to try out. The feedback was almost all positive.

“The club is remarkably light and yet is very powerful. Even when I mishit it, the drives seem to go straight down the middle. The club has a lot of forgiveness which is something I need.” – P. W.

“Feels solid and strong. I’m surprised at how light it is for the power it has. I like the matt finish on the club head. Two things I would change: I need a wider grip, but that’s easily done. I don’t like the sound it makes upon impact. But that’s a minor thing. Over all, it’s a good club.” – J.C.

Since 1916 PowerBilt Golf has designed golf clubs the world’s best have used to win such tournaments as The Masters, the U.S. Open, and the PGA Championship. Today, PowerBilt is pushing the limits on technology with REAL innovation. USGA Conforming, Air Force One woods feature Nitrogen Charged Club Heads,

  • faces as thin as 2.6mm,
  • the largest sweet spot in golf, and
  • maximum COR regardless of swing speed.

So what’s the bottom line? It’s a great club. Easy to swing. I don’t have the fastest swing speed, but I could see that with the Air Force One, I was gaining at least a dozen yards over my current driver. If you want a light yet powerful driver that will forgive you when you mishit, then test this club out. I think you’ll like it. Visit their website to find a dealer near you.

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