The Exotics EX10 Hybrid Is One “Sweet” Golf Club!

EX10 Hybrid from Tour EdgeThe EX10 Hybrid from TourEdge is so easy to hit, I had a hard time keeping it in my bag! 

Let me explain. When a club manufacturer asks me to review a golf club for my readers, I put the club through several rounds of golf to get a real feel for the club and what it can do. But it’s taken me longer than usual with the new EX10 Hybrid from Tour Edge. And that’s because I made the mistake of letting a couple of my golf buddies try it out during our last round of golf—and I couldn’t get it back! This club is so forgiving and easy to hit, they just kept taking it out of my bag and heading off up the fairway!

My friend Jeanne said it best. “This is one Sweet Golf Club!” (Jeanne’s a long hitter and this club had her adding 20 – 30 yards to every hit!) When I did get to swing the EX10, I met with success 95% of the time. The club was especially good for getting my ball out of the short rough— (that’s where my drives usually land!) The EX10 club is a life saver for my game!

Exotics EX10 Hybrid from Tour EdgeThe sample club Tour Edge sent me for review is a #5 Hybrid with a 25 degree loft. It came with a Mamiya ladies steel shaft and a Lamkin Exotics UTx grip.

After three rounds with the EX10, I made a decision. I pulled my Cobra 5 wood out of my bag and added the EX10 in its place, and it’s going to stay there!

Bottomline: I can honestly say this club is one of the most forgiving golf clubs I’ve ever played. I highly recommend that you check it out at your club’s pro shop or retail store. Street Price: $179.99

The club is available in a variety of lofts and flex shafts to match whatever you need. Check out the TourEdge website for all the details.

Here are the tech specs:

    high-tensile steel cup face is thinner for more power and accuracy
    thin and thick compartments are positioned for optimal forgiveness even on off-center hits
    minimizes turf interaction for maximum speed and stability at impact
    24 grams of rear sole weight for increased MOI and lower spin

The Tour Edge EX10 was named 2017 Hot List Award Winner.

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