Golf Putter Review: Feedback From the President of SweetSpotGolf

Our review of the SweetSpotGolf Putter got some significant feeback from Brian Allman, President of the company and we think it only fair to publish his remarks. He has a point of view that should be taken into account and some tech info we were not clear about in our review.

SweetSpotGolf pink putterGood Morning Pat. Well, it’s certainly not the review we were looking for but it’s what the testing group reported and you can’t deny the truth. Nice job by you reporting from a strong focus group. However I will say I’ve never had so many negative comments. (I have over 60 testimonials that are very much different from your group.) But we must listen to the consumer and value their input, it all means something and as we move forward, it’s important to take everything into consideration. Anyway a few additional comments, for what it’s worth:
  • The clubs are engineered specifically for the mid to high handicap golfer.
  • Perimeter weighting and a center of gravity low and back help promote a steadier swing through impact.
  • The Precision Positioning System PPS is designed to aid in target alignment
  • Style is a fortunate benefit to this overall design and allows a golfer to add a little personality, fashion and the ability to better accessorize the look of their game.
  • The PPS was created to help the average golfer work target alignment into their pre-shot swing routine.
  • With the highlighted visualization on the club’s crown the player remembers to make sure they are set up to the ball properly.
  • We are endorsed by the Women’s National Golf Schools
I appreciate your taking the time to do the review and provide your readers with an objective point of view; well done! Next time let’s have you/them test one of our Hybrids which I am sure will produce more positive results from this particular focus group.
Have a great day and I look forward to growing our relationship and future collaborations. ###
. . . . .
I think to be fair to SweetSpotGolf, our focus group of reviewers were not beginners. Most have handicaps in the 15 – 20 range and are pretty traditional in their approach to the game of golf. This may have made a difference. Next time, we’ll be sure to more closely match the club to the intended target market! If you’re a beginning golfer, you just might find SweetSpotGolf clubs right up your alley. Check out their website.

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