One Key Secret To Lowering Your Golf Score Could Be In Your Shoes!

Want to lower your golf score? Who doesn’t!

Article Information submitted by: Dr. Paula Cerasuolo of the Advanced Wellness & Chiropractice Center

The secret could be right at your feet! According to research recently published in JMPT (Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics) your feet could be the key to improving your golf game!

How to tell if you’ve got a problem? A digital scan of your feet with the most advanced scanning tool – the Associate™ Platinum. This scan helps screen for imbalances that contribute to problems in any number of places, like the knees, hips, and low back.

So how are feet responsible for problems in other parts of the body? The feet are the foundation for the entire body and, like any structure, the body’s foundation must be balanced to support the weight above it. If the arches in the feet collapse, the body doesn’t get the correct support, causing an imbalance.

Dr. Paula Cerasuolo of the Advanced Wellness & Chiropractice Center in Berlin, MA sent us this information and recommends a solution:

A simple screening will find any imbalances and if necessary, I will develop a care plan and use postural support, like Foot Levelers’ custom-made orthotics designed specifically for golf called ParFlex Plus®, to balance the body. After five weeks of wearing ParFlex Plus, 38 percent of golfers reported shooting a lower golf score with ParFlex Plus in their shoes!

Research proved ParFlex Plus:

  • Increased club head velocity 3-5 mph
  • Helped wearer hit the golf ball 9-15 yards farther
  • Improved body alignment
  • Reduced fatigue               –Published in JMPT, 1997-2001

If you suspect your body may be out of alignment, if you are in pain or any discomfort when you play golf, it might be time to get checked out. After all, having fun playing golf is what the game is all about.

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