Tiger Woods and The Media Circus — Not That My Opinion Counts

Should I really care about Tiger?

It’s getting crazy out there. The media circus is gearing up for a full scale whalapaloo at The Masters in a week or so at Augusta National. And no matter how I try, I can’t ignore it.

What do I really think?…Click on the arrow button to listen.

Tiger Woods was interviewed the other day on the Golf Channel and again on ESPN. Every TV news network picked up the story and ran with it. There was nothing there. Nothing new. Yet, hours of TV time was spent analyzing every nuance of every remark. It’s beginning to drive me crazeeee. Ok, it’s not beginning, I’ve been crazy trying to get away from this since it started back in November of last year. And here I am giving in to the craziness and commenting on the story, again! (I’ve already posted once on the topic… which I think shows a great deal of restraint on my part.)  The guys I played with at my club last week couldn’t help but bring up the subject. I tried to ignore the conversation, but sure enough, I got dragged into offering my two cents. Everyone was talking about the whole stupid saga.

Don’t we have something better to talk about? There are wars going on after all,— people are still living under plastic tarps in the streets of Haiti, food pantries are maxed out with all the poor people asking for more food than ever…. am I ranting here? Point is, there has to be something more than the Tiger Woods debacle to occupy our minds.

Still… it’s like watching a disaster in progress… you can’t turn away. Curiosity gets the better of us all, and the big questions, will Elin (the wife) show up to watch Tiger play? (Reports are that she is already in Sweden with family, as far from the media as she can get.) Will all the craziness affect Tiger’s ability to concentrate and focus on the game? Can he win? Will he win? Will the other players ignore him? Will he ignore the other players? Bottom line, I have no idea. And I am going to watch. After all, I can’t help myself.

So here’s the question for you: Are you going to watch? Can you turn down the sound and only watch the golf and ignore the media circus? Is that even possible?

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