U.S. Open Challenge: First Woman Golfer With A Chance to Break 100 at Pebble Beach

Here’s a contest that’ll make all women golfers proud! Golf Digest U.S. Open Challenge is running a contest and it’s up to you to help pick a winner. As part of the celebration surrounding the U.S. Open, four golfers have been invited to play the U.S. Open course at Pebble Beach on Monday, June 14th. Three celebrities, hockey legend Wayne Gretsky, Drew Brees, quarterback of the Saints, and actor Mark Wahlberg will be joined this year by an “average” amateur golfer chosen from five finalists. Which of the five will play in that Challenge round? That’s up to you!

Peggy FerenceOne of those finalists is a woman, Peggy Ference, from New Jersey. With a 4.6 handicap, Peggy has the lowest handicap of the other four male candidates. It would be a great success for all women golfers if Peggy was chosen to play in this prestigious event. The round will be taped and later televised before the final round of the U.S. Open on Sunday, June 20th.

What do you need to do? For Peggy to be chosen as the final player of the celebrity foursome she needs you to vote for her. You can vote once a day, every day starting now and ending May 1st. The amateur with the most votes will play in the U.S. Open Challenge.

To vote you need to go to the U.S. Open Challenge website and register. It’s simple. You fill out the form—(you don’t have to select any of the offers.) Once you’re registered, you can log on with your email and then vote every day.

Wouldn’t it be something if Peggy was chosen. She’s got a great story to tell, and there is a video on the site where she speaks for herself.

I’m going to quote here from a great article by Nancy Berkley that appeared on CyberGolf.com

Do you realize that this would only be the second time that a woman has been televised playing from the back professional tees? The first was Annika Sorenstam in the Colonial tournament in 2003. Peggy Ference is real history in the making. And we have to make it happen.

So let’s make history. Vote for Peggy Ference and watch her break 100 at Pebble Beach. She can do it.

Thanks to Nancy Berkley for this news! She has a website that traces the history of women golfers that’s worth a visit as well.

Vote for the U.S. Open Challenge Amateur

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  1. Susan Gauff says:

    I’m glad to be getting your blog, Pat. This article about Peggy Ference just popped up with a recent reference. Peggy is a personal friend of mine — a golfing buddy from membership at Cherry Valley Country Club in Skillman, NJ. It’s too bad that Peggy didn’t do too well at Pebble Beach but she certainly proved that she has talent and spirit. Despite the difficult situation, she was positive and upbeat — celebrating at every little positive note. She did us proud. No one deserved this opportunity more than Peggy. I’m glad she had the chance and she did us proud. Thanks to your readers for helping her get elected. And thanks for your article on women’s golf clothing. Any responses yet?

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