Want To Improve Your Putting? Here are Five Sure-Fire Golf Tips To Practice.

Every golfer wants to improve their putting. In the game of golf it’s always the short game that makes or breaks your game. Here are five great tips to practice before you go out for your next round of golf.

1. Practice putting with your eyes closed. Sounds crazy but it works. First, study the green as you usually do, estimate the distance to the hole, then address the ball as you usually do. Take a practice swing to get a feel for the stroke you need to play.  Be certain your eyes are right over the ball, then close them and putt to the hole. Don’t open your eyes until you hear the ball drop or you feel it has stopped. (Annika Sörenstam often used this technique to improve her feel for distance and touch.)

2. Practice putting using only your right hand (for right hand golfers) or only your left hand (for left hand golfers). This will help you with developing the correct grip pressure for a smooth stroke. Too much pressure and the face of the club will move off the “square to the ball” position that’s required.

3. Focus on putting distance. One great practice routine is to set up three tees between your ball and the hole, each equidistant apart. (Doesn’t matter the total distance. This routine works for both long and short putts). Practice putting five balls to each distance to get a feel for the correct stroke / distance ratio.

4. Trouble with long putts? Try putting while looking at the hole instead of your ball. Set up as you usually do, then look at the hole and make your stroke. It’s surprising how your body will know just how hard to strike the ball.

5. Practice for two putts but expect one putts. Golf is a mental game. Focus and believe that your putts will go in. Three putts are not even on your radar!

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