What’s Happening At The PGA Golf Show? – Products and Personalities

The PGA Merchandise Show is only a few days away and I wanted to give you a quick update as I begin to pack my bags.

  • I’ve lined up a couple of interviews with some very impressive personalities and
  • Connected with some of the top golf manufacturers in the business to learn about all the new equipment and products designed with the woman golfer in mind. There’s a lot to cover!

I’m looking forward to an interview this week with Pia Nilsson (coach to Annika Sorenstam and the Swedish national golf team) and Lynn Marriott, two of the top golf teachers in the country and cofounders of VISION54/Coaching for the Future, Inc. Their golf school, GOLF54 has been ranked #1 in Golf Magazine’s “Top 25 Golf Schools in the United States.” Time is still to be determined, but I promise to post the interview as a podcast here on golfgurls.com

And on Thursday I meet with Deb Waitkus, President of Golf for Cause and the founder of Women in the Golf Industry. That interview will be posted here as well.

During the PGA show I will be visiting with a wide variety of exhibitors, collecting information about the latest products and making arrangements for product reviews. New equipment? new fashions? new training tools?… there’s an exhibitor for every golf gizmo you can imagine and I will be connecting and collecting many of them. Once I get back home I’ll be setting up product reviews and looking for volunteers who want to try out the latest new thing. Let me know if you would be interested in participating.

Meantime, do you have a question I should ask Pia or Lynn? This is your chance to get advice from two of the best golf teachers in the country. So let me know what you want to know! Leave your question or comment below.

  3 comments for “What’s Happening At The PGA Golf Show? – Products and Personalities

  1. Paula says:

    This is my first year playing, golf just love it. My problem is I can hit my driver straight, all of my irons but can not hit a fairway wood or hybrid most of the time without topping it. Any thoughts you have on this would be greatly appreciated. My lesson are from a single plane instructor that teaches the Moe Norman swing. Being winter in Washinton and so much rain have not been able to get any lessons in. Still continue to play golf at least once or twice a week in the rain. My clubs are the Adams Keri golf set.

    • Pat Mullaly says:

      Paula, thanks for your question. Sounds like you are off to a great start. I am not a professional golf instructor, so will pass your question on to someone who knows the best answer to your question, but from my point of view (recreational golfer, just like you, but with a few years more experience,) the problem is not with your swing or your clubs, it is in your mindset. For some reason you have it in your head that you can’t hit the 3 or 5 wood, but you can hit the driver and irons well. Your swing for all clubs is the same swing. Adjustments are made for ball position in relation to your feet, but your swing is your swing no matter which club you are using. So I say, the problem is in your head. Let go of the fear and you will let go of the problem. That’s easy for me to say, but that’s my take on your question. What do you think?

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