What’s New in the Tech World of Women’s Golf Clothing?

Guest post from Luke Flanagan

For all golfing fanatics, advancements in golf equipment technology are a necessary given.

Equipment improvements make the game easier for players on all levels, from professional to beginners. Extra performance can be gained from the smallest modifications, such as golf ball durability, to noticeable changes to the head design and shaft performance of your golf club. (Editor’s note: Click on this link to check out the latest gadgets!)

Additional technological improvements are also to be found in golfing clothing. Golfing sports enthusiasts have found that by maximizing the potential of their attire they can thereby maximize the potential of their golfing abilities.

Golfing Clothing Improvements

The first step in manufacturer’s being able to understand how to improve the technology of golf clothing has been to conduct in-depth analyses of the physical demands of golfing. In every part of the game, from that first step onto the green to the graceful end of a swing, golfing clothing has to be able to cope with the demands of an often strenuous sport.

Other sporting activities have seen similar demands for clothing which has been improved by technological advancements. From underwear to full body suits, clothing worn by rugby players, footballers, tennis players and even swimmers has all been subject to intensive testing and engineering in order to create the most professional and expert materials and designs possible.

In golfing clothing, advancements are being seen across the board in clothing, footwear and even ancillary technology, such as built-in Bluetooth. (You can even listen to your ipod while you play in this RLX Golf Bluetooth Rainsuit!)

Annmarie Dodd, from the Association of Golf Manufacturers, stated, “Men are more accepting of technology within golf wear [than] they are just about anywhere else”. According to Ms Dodd, men are simply able to understand the components of technological innovations in sportswear and get “hooked into it”.

Women’s Golf Clothing Technology

While there’s been a lot said about advancements in men’s golf clothing, not much has been discussed about similar improvements in women’s golf clothing. Technological improvements in women’s golf clothing seem to tend more towards the fabric and design of clothing, rather than kitting them out with additional electrical improvements.

In fact, women’s golf clothing seems to be drafting behind technologies which were once the prerogative of men’s clothing. Fabrics which have been available for years, such as moisture-wicking, lightweight nylon and microfibers, and ripstop fabrics of the sort which can be found in golf clothing for women at Bunker, are featured heavily in women’s clothing but have been previously available and already improved upon in men’s golfing clothing.

Equal Advancements for Men and Women Golfers

Despite the adaptations which have already been made to traditional golf clothing, and the introduction of new golf clothing which has been purposefully re-purposed for women golfer – such as the skort – technological advancements in men and women’s golf clothing still remain uneven. But perhaps, just as the game of golf itself is being slowly opened up to becoming more accepting of women golfers, so will clothing technologies begin to take account of women’s golf clothing in the future.

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Guest writer Luke Flanagan is a freelance writer specialising in golf related subjects. “I have played the game for 6 years and although I do not get to play anywhere near as much as I want to, I have made steady progress. I see the game very much as a social hobby as I have numerous friends who are PGA professionals and much of the time we spend together is on the course. I am based in the north of England and regularly battle our lovely varied weather conditions.”

What features are you looking for in your next golf outfit? Do you care more about great fabrics or great looks or both? Leave your comment in the space below.

  2 comments for “What’s New in the Tech World of Women’s Golf Clothing?

  1. Daily Sports USA says:

    Women’s golf clothes has come a long way in the past few years and fortunately technological improvements are part of progress, now ladies can choose clothes which is stylish and functional at the same time.

  2. lori Johnson says:

    As a Professional Image Consultant and a golfer I am definitely interested in what men and women are wearing on the golf course. I do, and teach about “business networking” on the golf course. I believe a positive image opens all doors; this is applies on the golf course too. Fashion as well as technology and comfort are important in creating that positive impression. I even thing a great looking golf outfit helps my game. 😉

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