How Do You Get Back To Work After Two Weeks of Golf?

I’m in trouble. These last two weeks have been a small miracle “blip” in my golfing career. First a week touring some fabulous golf courses in West Virginia and then a week playing golf in Ireland. I’m sure you have no sympathy for me, but it really is an awful transition — coming back to work after all that fun! And I have a cold on top of it all. Must have caught it on the plane ride. I’m all stuffed up, headache and tired… my body still thinks it’s 4 in the morning. I thought it was supposed to be easier coming back from Ireland than going to… so I’m in trouble.

How do you get back to work after two weeks of golf? 

I had a great time… both weeks. During the golf media tour through West Virginia, I traveled with seven golf writers, each obsessed with the game—very knowledgeable and well traveled. Several have published extensively. This was my first FAM (Familiarization Tour) so I was just getting my feet wet in the process.

I was the newbie on the block, but they all helped me find my way. We traveled lightening speed from resort to resort, staying in luxury, playing the best courses and eating the very best food. It was a bit of a whirlwind but I took enough notes and pictures and am eager to tell you all about each course. If you love golf and can get away for a few days, the hills of West Virginia are filled with some real gems. Not just for you, but for your entire family. These resorts are packed with possibilities for everyone.

Charlesland Golf Course

And Ireland? What can you say about playing golf on the emerald isle? We lucked out with our weather. They had a very cold, raw and rainy winter and spring, but the day we arrived, the sun came out and the temps began to rise. Honest… I should like to take credit for the sunny days, but I think that’s pushing my influence a little beyond it’s limits. The RedTees were waiting for us when we arrived and after giving us an hour to settle in to our rooms, we were off to play 9 holes of golf at Charlesland, a beautiful parkland course along the Irish Sea. Liz Hurley, one of our hosts wanted us to “get right in the swing of things” and not lag with the time change. So off we went, losing no time in warming up for our week of golf.

I have to admit that after traveling all the way from Boston to Dublin, and not sleeping well on the plane, I was ready to stop after 9 holes, but the others, a more hardy bunch you could hardly find, kept on going, playing at least five or six more holes. I spent that time with our second host, Chantal McCabe, tucked into the 19th hole at the club house. One must keep their priorities straight you know.

I have many tales to tell, and photos to share from my two week miracle golf vacation… so stay tuned. In the meantime, I’m slowly trying to make my way back into work mode. Sigh.

How do you transition back to reality after a fabulous vacation away?


  5 comments for “How Do You Get Back To Work After Two Weeks of Golf?

  1. Barbara in NC says:

    Glad you had a fun time golfing in WV and Ireland! I’ve been anxious to read your comments on the courses, your golfing buddies, the traveling, the resorts, any side exploits, and, of course, the food! Don’t think I’ll be going any time soon, so have to experience it vicariously, so don’t leave anything out!! I love details!
    I don’t do Facebook so can you post your photos on your website too? Would hate to miss seeing them.

    • Pat Mullaly says:

      I’ll be posting reviews and impressions for each of the five courses in West Virginia very shortly. Sorry, internet access in the hills was a bit spotty so had to wait till I got back to do a proper job. You should think about a road trip to WVirginia… the courses are really fabu.

    • Pat Mullaly says:

      Thanks for your comments Barbara. I’ve started posting the reviews of our West Virginia travels. You can find them on the site, just do a search for West Virginia and they should come right up. Each one was a unique experience and great golf! Wonderful for a golf vacation.

  2. Linda Christie says:

    Life is really tough after such an adventure! Looking forward to seeing and hearing of your experiences. From a warm and sunny Scotland! Yes!

    • Pat Mullaly says:

      So glad to hear you finally have warm weather in Scotland. Our weather in Ireland was perfect for golf… just a bit windy on those links courses, but that’s what you always expect. The fairways were a bit thick, the fescue dense and the greens fast! All made for a tough round or two. Loved every minute. 🙂

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