Do These Golf Shoes Fit Your Game?

Are you a golf shoe-aholic?

Golf shoes that fit your game are a key component in your success on the golf course. I know a few people who try to play in sneakers, but not me. I need all the support and stability I can get when I swing that golf club. No slipping or sliding, thank you very much. And I want my shoes to look good. It’s not possible to buy enough shoes to match every outfit, although I know a few people who make a good attempt at it. But finding a comfortable golf shoe that’s hip and stylish is not always easy.

Recently I received a pair of really beautiful golf shoes from ECCO. I had hoped to review them myself but the size the ECCO people sent were just a little too big for me. (When it comes to fitting my feet to shoes, I almost always have to try them on!) But I was lucky enough to get one of my golfing friends, Fran, willing to test and review the new shoes out on the course.

ECCO Life Street Bootie for GolfThe ECCO Women’s Life Street Bootie – It’s a very pretty shoe and Fran’s first reaction was super positive. ECCO has a reputation for always producing a great product, that’s well made and with that special touch that makes their shoes distinctive. This shoe has a leather upper which she reported was very comfortable, and they use something they call Hydromax technology for stability and grip. For that “extra something” they added a metallic finish that makes the shoe actually sparkle! Fran admits to being a shoe-aholic! so she was impressed. Price tag is $180.

She wore the shoes for a round or two and liked the shoe overall. The one thing Fran was not fond of was the height of the counter. That’s the side of the shoe from sole to ankle and on this Bootie style shoe it is as high or even higher than what you’d find in an athletic sneaker.

“I wear a lot of shorts when I play golf, so the Bootie style isn’t something I like wearing with shorts. The shoes look great with long pants, but not with shorts, at least not for me. I won’t wear them in the warmer months, but they’ll be fine when the weather is cool.”

I guess it all comes down to a matter of taste. If you like the Bootie look, you’ll love these ECCO golf shoes. The same style comes in white as well as the tan and the company has similar styles with a lower counter if you prefer that look. You should check out the ECCO Golf Shoe website for more styles and information.

What do you look for in a golf shoe? Do you buy a pair based on looks, price, brand? Add your comment.

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  1. Barbara in NC
    June 29, 2013 at 3:09 am

    Oops. I don’t think mentions their golf shoes. Google geox golf shoes to find out more. Geox is an Italian company and one website says they are the 2nd largest shoe manufacturer in the world. The insert with my shoes indicate they target customers who speak English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese. The GEOX NET system is patented and allows the foot to breathe on its entire surface. And it works. Check them out at

  2. Barbara in NC
    June 29, 2013 at 2:28 am

    Oh, I bought 2 different styles and 3 different colors of the GEOX golf shoes. One pair in white with black, the second white with lavender and silver (my favorite). The third pair is the same style as the lavender but is white with gold. I bought my husband a solid white pair for $50.00. He was so pleased, he got him a second pair just like the first. Retail price over $180. They use fast twist cleats. I like the Champs Scorpion Tri-locs. The ladies have 7 cleats plus an extra gripping edge around the sides. The laces also stay tied. A problem I used to have with my Foot Joys. My husband and I earlier had each purchased 2 pairs of Asisc golf shoes from Sierra. We like them a lot too. Again a real bargain at Sierra. They were my favorite before the GEOX. Now I always wear one of my GEOX. While you are on Sierra’s website, also check out their super deals on Zero Restriction golf apparel. It has motion technology and is designed to give a golfer room to swing. A lot of it is waterproof. The Golf Warehouse also sells ZR products but they cost more than Sierra. Recently bought waterproof zip elbow length jackets for $30. We have 5 each. Red, blue, green, tan, and orange. Also nice vests for $25. As you can tell, I love to shop!!!

    • Barbara in NC
      June 29, 2013 at 2:47 am

      While I’m at it, I’ll share another great golfing item. I took advantage of the free installed secret golf grip that Jack Nicklaus has been advertising on the Golf Channel. You may have seen it advertised in Golf Digest and Golf Tips too. It is a weighted grip. Has a 17 gram inserted in the butt end of the grip and the grip is oversized. Suppose to helps you to hit the ball straighter and maybe add some extra distance. I really like it! It works for me! Go to to sign up for a voucher. Take it to Dick’s Sporting Goods or Golf Galaxy, and they will install a secret grip on your driver or 7 iron for free. Normally $18.99 for the grip and $3.00 to install. Check it out soon because I think it’s free for only a limited time. I love to SHARE!!

      • Barbara in NC
        June 29, 2013 at 3:00 am

        One more thing about the GEOX golf shoes. They are leather. They are Italian. Check them out at The company also makes dress shoes and boots. They added the golf shoe business in 2009 because of the economy.

      • Pat
        June 29, 2013 at 2:23 pm

        Thanks again, Barbara. I’ve heard about the secret grip, but these “secret” products sometimes are not what they seem. Glad to see you’ve found one that lives up to the hype. I found the link online so if anyone wants to check out this secret grip go to and get one for free and have Golf Galaxy or Dick’s install it. I’m always looking for something that will help my game!

  3. Barbara in NC
    June 29, 2013 at 2:05 am

    I like a golf shoe that is comfortable, waterproof, and provides me with a good grip on the turf, sand, and dirt. I had been wearing Foot Joys but recently took a chance on a brand I had never heard of – GEOX. I bought 2 pair from Sierra Trading Post for less than $39.00 each. They are waterproof, extremely comfortable from day one, very stylish, and breathable. They have a retail value of over $150 / pair. They are very popular in Europe. I was so pleased with them, I bought a third pair when Sierra dropped the price to $30.00!! Best golf shoes I have ever worn. Do yourself a favor and check them out!!

    • Pat
      June 29, 2013 at 2:20 pm

      Thanks Barbara for the heads up. I will certainly look them up.

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