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Here in the northeast most of the golf courses are closed for the season. A few on Cape Cod remain open during winter but the ground is frozen, ponds and streams are iced over and golf balls perform in very unexpected ways. For this reason scores kept for handicap purposes cannot be posted during the off season. But what if you are traveling south to a warmer climate for a few rounds of golf? Can you post those scores?

Golfgurls just received the following information which might be useful to golfers traveling this winter.

For those traveling to warmer locales this winter season, please remember that any rounds played in an area that is in season (i.e. Florida) must, according to Rule 6-2, be posted.

The player has a few options when posting the score. First, the player may be able to post as a guest on the club’s computer if the two clubs use the same computation service or through the IGN network if both clubs use a handicap service that subscribes to the IGN. Second, if the player’s home club has approved Internet posting, a score may be posted back to the home club via the Internet. Third, the player can keep a copy of the score and the ratings and post when the player returns to the home course no later than the start of the active season.

Also remember that Bay State golfers who venture to warmer climates during the winter season can post scores during the winter months and see a change in their handicap index.

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  3 comments for “GHIN News – How To Post Golf Scores in Winter

  1. Josiane
    October 24, 2015 at 7:13 pm

    Maybe it’s your course maengemnat skills? Having a strategy to every hole and sticking to it can do wonders. At your level, you’re more likely to see little improvements, not big jumps. Stick to it. You know how the pros have that Shotlink thing that lets them track their stats? You can do something similar. It could help you notice a possible flaw. I got this from Golf Digest’s “Make Me Better” a few years back and haven’t stopped X= miss; O= hit. In the upper left corner of every hole, mark whether you missed (X) or hit (O) the fairway on your drive (don’t worry about this on par 3 s, obviously). Do the same in the upper right corner for hit or missed greens.The total score goes in the middle. In the lower right hand corner, mark how many putts it took to finish the hole. I sometimes like to mark under the score box how long the original putt was . that can show you if you aren’t getting your approach/short game shots close enough to the hole, which could lead to more putts than necessary.Off to the side, or down on the bottom somewhere, use these marks:C/P (chips/pitches)CS (chips/pitches saved/one-putted)S (shots from the sand)SS (sand saves)I’ve also been using “WS” “wasted shots”; stuff like flubbed chips, drives out of bounds stuff like that. Anyway, put hash marks by each for every type of those shots you hit.It seems like alot, but do it a few times and it becomes second nature. I learned I wasn’t hitting enough greens, taking too many putts and taking WAY too many chip/pitch shots. I’ve gotten better at the GIR and C/P’s still have to tighten up my putting.

    • October 27, 2015 at 3:10 pm

      Josiane… I try to keep track of the basics: fairways hit, sand, putts. Like your idea of “WS” wasted shots too, especially if you’re likely to play the course again.

  2. Kathy Wallace
    April 19, 2011 at 10:40 am

    I am unable to locate South Carolina as a golf site when posting scores. The initials “SC” are not on the state list. I have posted the score to the club manually, but could not include the state therefore it posts for Alabama.

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