Play Golf Online With World Golf Tour – Great Fun!

If you love golf, you are going to love playing golf online at this website. It’s amazing! And it’s FREE.

I was checking out the latest information at the LPGA website and discovered a link to (, a new online golf game you can join for free!

Be careful! This site is so good it can suck hours out of your workday and you won’t even know it!!!

World Golf Tour Online GamesIt’s easy to play. Just go to http// and register as a new user. Then create a user name and password and fill in a bit more information. — They do ask for your birthday but I never fill in the real information. They are just asking so they can be sure you are at least 18 years of age. If they do make the date and year public I make sure I put in some ridiculous info. (On I registered my birth year as 1900. Which makes me one very old but determined golfer!!!)

When you first sign up you get to choose a golfing avatar. (Your online image.) All the female golfers are tall and skinny, so right away you feel like you’re going to like this game. You look great standing on the first tee!

As a new player you will be assigned a player tier: “Hack” is the bottom level, but as you play and improve, your player level will increase. You also have the opportunity to join a number of online golf course groups and play at a variety of golf courses. As a “hack” you are given a set of basic golf clubs. When you play well, you gain points and can use those in the “virtual pro shop” to upgrade to better equipment.

The game is very simple to learn. There are video tutorials you can follow and practice shots you can take and repeat. It’s a lot of fun and the graphics are beautiful. Once you get used to the interface (the game works on both Windows and Mac platforms) you can explore the online tournaments that are available.

Lesson Tutorials: Simple videos teach you how to hit the ball, how to aim, how to read your lie, choose the right club for your shot, how to put spin on the ball and how to putt. Even though this is an online golf experience, some of these lessons can easily translate to the real golf course. If you play at an indoor golf simulator you will find the WGT games very similar! (I just joined an indoor league for the winter. You can read my take on the experience

Some online tournaments are free, and winners gain not only bragging rights but “credits.” in the WGT bank. Those tournaments that have entry fees award money and prizes to the winners. For example, this month you can play Kiawah Island Ocean Course for free just to test your online golf skills. If you want to play with other online players and go for the real purse, check out The Celtic Manor Tournament. Each month the tournaments change as do the players.

Of course the site has a lot of advertising and there are lots of distracting links to explore. But if you want to try an online golfing experience just for the fun of it, is a good choice. You can join for free, play for free, and spend some time on the golf course, free of rain, wind and harsh weather.

Have you played the site? Or anyother online golf game? What do you think? Fun? Waste of time? A good teaching tool?

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  5 comments for “Play Golf Online With World Golf Tour – Great Fun!

  1. DamnDeBlade
    November 16, 2011 at 4:42 am

    hey i wnt 2 register WGT …. but i dnt they ask promo code ( option ) i dnt get it 🙁 plz i wnt help

    • Pat
      November 16, 2011 at 7:33 am

      You should contact wgt directly. It’s easy to register and play the initial tournaments for free. (

  2. SwingGuy
    January 7, 2011 at 9:38 am

    My wife showed me this post on your site. Thankyou. This is a great online game. Thanks for the info. I just joined and played a quick round or two. It took me only a little time to learn the system and how to play. They have some really good tutorials and step by step instructions so anyone can learn how to play. Really fun. Thanks again. I’m going to get my buddies to join in. They have match play tournaments too.

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