How To Play Winter Golf In Style

Playing the Links at PortmarnockHow do you stay warm playing “winter” golf? In May of 2011, I played Portmarnock Golf Links, Ireland alongside the Irish Sea, and though it was the middle of spring, it might just as well have been the middle of winter. It was cold and raw and the course was challenging. My golf ball got stuck in the tall grass on the top of a windswept dune. Unprepared for the ever changing Irish weather, I was lucky to borrow a warm hat! If you plan to play golf in winter, or during the spring in Ireland, read on for some good advice on staying warm and playing golf in style. (By the way, I birdied this hole! 🙂 )

Winter Golf Style

Guest post by Luke Flanagan

The golf course in the autumn and winter months can be a tough experience. Trying to navigate wind, dark skies and precipitation is difficult enough as well as trying to keep warm and concentrate on the game. The best way to do this is making sure you have clothes that are going to keep you warm, dry, your head clear and ready to win the game.

Galvin Green AIM GORE-TEX PERFORMANCE SHELL JacketLayers – The key to keeping warm, as well you may know, is layers, as opposed to one chunky layer. Base layers or thermals are an excellent place to start, as they are like a second skin. Then go for what you normally might wear, such as polo shirt. Add a fleece, either one that is slightly too big or a sleeveless one, you don’t want to restrict movement for your swing. Finish off with a waterproof, preferably one with sealed seams and zipped pockets. This should keep you warm and happy.

Colour – Inject a bit of colour into your outfit, and stand out from the crowd. There’s nothing worse than a sea of grey golfers when all your surroundings are a bit grey too. You’d be surprised at how much a bit of colour can lift your mood. So pick a fleece or a waterproof in a bright colour or a pretty pattern and refuse to blend in. This will also help others pick you out in case you lose each other and prevent the same coat confusion that can occur occasionally.

Shoes – For winter, golf shoes must be the best. High performance is a necessity for completing a round of golf with all the elements. They must be functional, durable, and highly waterproof. Make sure they have the seams sealed and good traction in the heel and spikes on the sole for maximum comfort and stability.

UA’s most versatile beanie with 4 ways to wear & extreme warmth for the cold weather training.Accessories – With hats, there are two choices. One is the cap. Traditionally a summer hat, caps and visors are used to keep the sun from blinding you and leaving you unable to see where you are swinging. However, caps can also serve to keep rain off your face, and in this way are very handy. You can also wear a beanie fleece type hat that will keep your head warm and the heat in your body. If you can find something that combines warmth and the ability to keep rain off your face then you are on to a winner.

Gloves are also essential for playing golf in the winter. Your hands need to be kept warm and supple and not feeling like they are going to drop off so you can play a good game. Here you have two choices, mittens or gloves. Which is warmer is an age old question. The mitten camp argues that your hand keeps its body heat better if the fingers aren’t separate, while gloves argue that they are warmer if they are individually wrapped. Gloves are obviously more flexible and better for playing with, but mittens are arguably warmer.

If you’re looking to purchase warm winter gear, 118 Golf is the place to be. They offer everything you need to complete your perfect game.

Guest writer Luke Flanagan is a freelance writer specialising in golf related subjects. “I have played the game for 6 years and although I do not get to play anywhere near as much as I want to, I have made steady progress. I see the game very much as a social hobby as I have numerous friends who are PGA professionals and much of the time we spend together is on the course. I am based in the north of England and regularly battle our lovely varied weather conditions.”

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How do you stay warm during winter golf?

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