How To Get Rid Of The Yips

Have you got the yips? You know, it’s that nasty habit some of us have — stabbing your putter at the ball causing it to bounce off the club face and go anywhere but in the hole. It happens when you’re tense or nervous or just plain out of sync with your game. It can happen to any golfer and it is one pain in the neck to get rid of — unless you know how.

What is one sure way to get rid of the yips? I recently played a round of golf with a woman who suffered from the yips and finally went to a pro for a solution. He suggested she change her grip from the popular, finger down the side of the shaft, to one he called The Claw Grip. It’s easy to set up, and it cured this golfer! Watch the video and you will see how it’s done. Share the video with someone you know might have the same problem, and add your comment below.

If the grip alone doesn’t cure your yips, this new putter, The RadiusRoll Putter might do the trick. Read our review from the 2014 PGA Show.

What do you do to get rid of the yips?

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