The Secret to Power and Balance Could Be In This Band

At the PGA show I stopped by a booth to meet LPGA star and Rolex Player of the Year, Stacy Lewis. Got my photo taken with the pro, an autograph and happily, a PowerBalance wristband. Stacy is a big fan of PowerBalance and wears one of these bands while she plays.

PowerBalance WristbandI had no idea what it was, so I’ve done a little investigating. It’s hard to know if it’s for real or not. All the information that’s available seems filled with conviction, as well as contradiction. Even the people at PowerBand admit there is no scientific evidence to support their claim that it improves your strength, balance and flexibility, but the dozens of athletes who wear the band claim its effects are profound and real.

The band is made of a flexible silicone material and contains two circular holograms that sit on opposite sides of the band. The color of the band doesn’t matter, the one I have is black, but they are available in many colors and styles. The purpose of the band is to help balance your energy field and to increase your strength, power and flexibility. It’s even supposed to help you sleep more soundly.

I decided to try out the device and put it on my right wrist two days ago. Now, I don’t know if it really works or not. But I will let you know any changes in my attitude, flexitude, realitude, that become obvious. And if I suddenly discover that my golf swing is more powerful, and my drives sail yards further than ever before, I will certainly let you know. 🙂

Power Balance-The Original Performance Wristband is available at many online stores.

Have you tried the PowerBalance wristband? Do you think it really works? Leave your comment in the space below.

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