Best Golf School for Women

With more than 5 million golfers, the United States is the world’s largest market for women players. It is a very demanding segment, which requires more and better services day by day.

Many excellent golf school centers are spread throughout the country, but few focus on women’s golf. For this reason, we decided to research and identify the best academies for women together with the best golf school package.

Our initial search led us to Bird Golf Academy, presented in 11 states and on several of the best courses in the country. Bird Golf offers packages that perfectly fit each female player with enticing yet reliable programs. And they cover information not only about their way of playing golf but also about their taste outside a golf course. Under different formats, women can pick an instructor to help them consciously improve their game. It is worth noting that most Bird Golf Academy instructors are recognized golfers and champions both on the PGA and LPGA tours.

With the premise of designing any learning format, women can take lessons individually or in groups, with packages that allow them to stay in fantastic resorts with all the comforts and attention; the best you can find.

And not only that: a lot of complementary ideas make Bird Golf Academy experiences unique. For example, special activities like a chauffeur-driven wine tour in a limousine, horseback riding, enjoying well-earned spa treatments, and much more, depending on the location selected and the availability at each resort.

Instruction format

The most important element is that women can adapt to the style of lessons they want to take. There are two classic models: One on One Instruction and Two on One Instruction. In all cases, the packages include:

  • Accommodation.
  • Unlimited practice and green fees.
  • Lunch with your instructor.
  • A final evaluation.

One on one instruction

With personalized attention from an LPGA professional, you will receive instruction at the driving range and then on the course, with lessons that can be either playing 9 or 18 holes. This is the ideal option for a woman who wants to learn without being distracted. This package runs from 3 to 5 days, with 6 hours of individual instruction per day.

Two in one instruction

This format allows you to take classes with your couple or partner. It is also perfect for
friends, mothers and daughters, and any similar combination. Both will receive instruction
from a certified LPGA professional, sharing accommodation. The duration is 3, 4, or 5 days,
with each golfer receiving an individual analysis of their swing and the modifications made
during the lessons. Both will also have classes on the course, just like in the individual
package, with a maximum of 6 hours of instruction per day.

You can also configure special packages for more than three women, even in the clinic
format for fewer days.

To sum up, we find that Bird Golf Academy offers excellent packages, and we are sure they
will catch the attention of many female golf players. We will continue investigating and
finding out the best golf school for women in a future article.

Guest author: Skyler Malley, Bird Golf