Best Golf Shoes To Keep Your Feet Happy

If you want to stay focused on your golf game, keep your feet happy!

I know it sounds a bit silly, but there is nothing more distracting to your golf game than sore feet, or loose shoes, or a blister that just won’t quit causing you pain —especially if you prefer to walk the golf course rather than hop in a golf cart.

2079340Here in the northeast the heat and humidity are building. Every day on the golf course is becoming more of a challenge to stay cool and comfortable. Some golfers solve the problem by making sure they get out first thing in the morning… but even starting at 5:30 a.m. doesn’t let you finish a round before the sun is high and the humidity is even higher! You can wrap your neck in one of those cool-a-roo towels and bring a gallon of water along for the round, but if you haven’t taken care of your feet, you’ll be limping back to the club house after just a few holes.

Golfers have many different styles to choose from with various price ranges to suit their budgets. Although many knock-off manufacturers have jumped into the lucrative business of golf shoes in the past few years, some of the more reputable shoemakers are FootJoy Golf, Nike Golf Shoe, Adidas and Etonic.

First, get the right size! Don’t fall for shoes on sale that might fit but don’t…. I take a size 8.5 shoe and there were some really pretty shoes on sale at the pro shop… Only a half size too big for me … and I saved $$ because the box was missing. Big Mistake. They have never fit well, even if I wear a thick sock. Total waste of money.

Pick the right style for your game! Do you want the old classic style? or are you going casual? The classic shoe styles with steel spikes on the soles are still available, (and actually preferable when golfing at a country club or formal event,) but there are a wide variety of casual shoes, tennis shoes, and even sandals available to the golfer. Rubber or plastic soft spikes have essentially replaced the steel spikes. The change came about to save on damage to the greens by players dragging their feet across the grass.

Royal Albartross Golf Shoes

Water resistant leather: High-end leather shoes can cost the most discriminating golfer up to $400. There is a waterproof lining on the inside that conforms to the golfer’s foot, and most offer good arch support. Additionally, the soles of the shoes will likely be made of one of the more durable types of rubber to protect against some of the normal wear seen through seasons of golf play.

Nike-WMNS-Dunk-NG-SL-Womens-Golf-Shoes-smMany weekend duffers that take a more casual approach to the game have opted for comfort and affordability with a tennis-styled golf shoe. These shoes are normally produced with a water resistant leather or synthetic material on the outside and a waterproof liner on the inside. Arch supports can be great in a more expensive pair of casual shoes, but most come with just a small rise that you find in the common tennis shoe. Prices on casual golf shoes range from $20 up to $100.

Finally, the golf sandal has becoming increasingly popular in the last few years. Of course, these are the most casual of any golf shoes, but they can be surprisingly comfortable and durable. The sandal is, more often than not, a modification of the many outdoor hiking sandals seen on the market, just with soft spikes added to the soles. The cost of a pair of golf sandals will normally run between $30 and $70. I have a pair of golf sandals that I wear when the weather is really hot. They are comfortable but if you’re playing in the sand a lot like I am, you pick up a lot of grit that can be really annoying.

And don’t forget socks!!! If you wear ‘em in the heat you want the best you can find: Kent Wool. I wrote a post about these a while ago and these socks are still my favourite for comfort.

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