Golf Apparel Review: Susie Shortlegs Fashion With A Great Fit

Every women golfer wants to look and feel great both on and off the golf course. It may seem to be a no-brainer, but finding just the right pair of shorts that fit comfortably and function well for golf is not that easy. We’ve discovered a manufacturer, Susie Shortlegs, has a great product line that meets the need!

Susie Shortlegs - Golf ApparelAs part of their advertising plan on, Susie Shortlegs sent along a sample of their product line for us to review. Great idea!

To get the most unbiased review we had Susie Shortlegs send the sample to one of our regular readers, Judy W. After wearing the shorts a couple of times and putting them through the wash… (a critical test of quality) we think we have an honest review of how good these shorts really are.

We asked the questions and got some honest answers! Read on!

Q. For review, we ordered size 12 shorts in white, style “Front 9.” Is that what you received?
A. Yes. The shorts were just what we ordered.

Q. What do you think of the fabric?
A. Nice quality, nice texture, a “rich” feel.

Q. What do you think of the cut and styling?
A. The styling is the strong plus in these shorts. They have a great cut with a bit of flare and a slit on each side pant leg bottom of about 1 1/2 inches.

Q. Sounds like they allow for a lot of movement which is great on the golf course. Are they comfortable?
A. Very comfortable.

Q. Are the shorts good to wear for a round of golf?
A. The pockets are deep. No problem carrying balls or tees. And there is a slit pocket in the back as well. I tested the shorts playing my latest round of golf. Reaching over to tee up or pick up my ball from the cup — the shorts had a nice ease of movement. Did not bind at all.

Q. I know you washed the shorts after your round. Did they require any special treatment? Any shrinkage? Did you have to iron them or are they wrinkle free or resistant?
A. No special treatment required. I took them out of the dryer immediately to avoid having to iron. These shorts were wrinkle free, and the color was nice and bright. No shrinkage! I tried them on again to be sure.

Q. Now that you’ve tried a pair of Susie Shortlegs, would you recommend this product to others?
A. Absolutely.

Q. Would you purchase a similar pair of shorts from Susie Shortlegs?
A. Yes. The retail price of $72 is a bit high, but is normal for this kind of quality in a pro shop.

Q. Any other comments you wish to add?
A. I like their company logo. It’s sewn on the bottom right hem. If there was any one thing to comment on it would be the weather we’ve been having here in the northeast. I went to play golf this morning and decided to wear them again, but it was just too hot. The shorts are made of a material almost the thickness of duck cloth. The humidity was so high, I had to switch to a lighter fabric that had more “breathability” in the heat today.

Summary: Sounds like a great product. Great fit, styling and comfort. Ease of care. No shrinkage, colors stay bright. Priced appropriately for the quality of the product. A little heavy to wear on a really hot summer day, but perfect for those “normal” days on which we love to play golf. For more information and to see the full line of styles, visit the Susie Shortlegs website.

We give this product line 5 Tees!

  5 comments for “Golf Apparel Review: Susie Shortlegs Fashion With A Great Fit

  1. Carol says:

    I’ve been looking for a good looking pair of women’s golf shorts for a while. These sound great. Will check them out.

  2. Paul says:

    My wife is a real golfer. She’s got all the equipment but is always in search of the perfect pair of pants. Maybe these will work as a good gift to give her for next season. Thanks for posting this information. Guys always need help.

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