Golf and Bridge – Sue Combs

Golf & Bridge: They have a lot in common!

This simple chart was submitted by guest poster, Sue Combs from Austin, TX. She enjoys both Golf and Bridge and thought our readers might enjoy the comparison!


  1. Plan…target
  2. Focus
  3. Specific rules & etiquette
  4. Mental exercise
  5. Can be enjoyed in “senior” years
  6. Social and not all about winning
  7. Putt stroke = tee shot
  8. Get out of trouble the safe way
 Winning Hand - Bridge Bridge

  1. Plan…contract
  2. Focus
  3. Conventions & etiquette
  4. Mental exercise
  5. Oftentimes better with age
  6. Learning=winning
  7. Finesse trick=Ace trick
  8. See tricks, take them

Do you play bridge? Is it as similar to golf as Sue claims? Add your comment in the space below.

  3 comments for “Golf and Bridge – Sue Combs

  1. Rian says:

    LOL! For years I have drawn comparisons between bridge and golf, both of which I play avidly (albeit not often enough). Here’s my a favorite: “Golf is like bridge–nobody cares how good or how bad you play, just as long as you play FAST!”

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