Golf Strategy Tips to Become a Scratch Golfer

Six Steps to Be Your Best

In this short video “Becoming a Scratch Golfer” Golf Digest’s Todd Kolb gives his best advice on what it takes to become a scratch golfer. (Note: According to the USGA, a scratch golfer is defined as “a player who can play to a Course Handicap of zero on any and all rated golf courses. A male scratch golfer, for rating purposes, can hit tee shots an average of 250 yards and can reach a 470-yard hole in two shots at sea level. A female scratch golfer, for rating purposes, can hit tee shots an average of 210 yards and can reach a 400-yard hole in two shots at sea level.”

Kolb’s golf tips for becoming a scratch golfer include

  • Chipping – get the ball within 7 feet, and you’re good to go
  • Distance – for male golfers you should be hitting close to 250; for women golfers, the distance from the forward tees should be closer to 220 yards.
  • Strategy – planning where to aim, when to layup, – learning from experience
  • Lag Putting – it’s all about the speed and distance. Getting the ball close enough to the hole and not so far past as to make that next putt nearly impossible
  • Patience – Playing your round, one hole at a time and not allowing yourself to be thrown off your game by one bad hole.
  • First Tee Ball Up – It’s all about focus and what Kolb calls, “clarity” – Getting rid of all those “swing thoughts” that cloud your mind… and being clear before you swing the club on what it is you are doing. Staying in the moment.

Full Confession

There is no way in this universe I will ever become a scratch golfer. But I can still improve, and so can you. Use Kolb’s six points to measure your game as you build distance off the tee, and learn something from every round you play.

In future posts we will feature each of Kolb’s “six points to scratch” to help you improve.

May every hole be a birdie!

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