My Day Job is Killing My Golf Game

Do you sit at a desk all day? Your golf game is going nowhere fast!

If your day job has you locked to a desk most of the day, you can bet your golf game is heading into the high handicapper numbers! It’s inevitable. And unless you get up off your bony behind, nothing is going to change. I know. It’s happened to me! When I first started playing golf I was pretty good. Feeling fine. Then I got a job that required me to sit in front of a computer eight hours a day. I ignored all the exercise tips I had been told. I didn’t realize that spending so much time on my lazy bum would not only kill my golf game, it was going to really impact my overall health.

Woman working at computer.

Now my body always feels tight, my hip rotation is next to zero and my golf swing is in a serious slump.

Can the damage be reversed? In a recent article, Kathy Ekdahl, a certified personal trainer who is also a Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Trainer and owner of, explains what you can do to prevent or at least alleviate the problem. It’s all about unlocking the hips!

…From Kathy Ekdahl… Whether you are an Average Joe fitness enthusiast, or one of my dedicated golfing clients, we all share a common lifestyle fault; we live in a time of excessive sitting. We sit for work. We sit at home watching TV. We drive our kids everywhere, and sit watching their sports or plays or music performances. We sit at the beach, in the movies, at dinner….. and it all adds up.

For many people, excessive sitting leads to back and hip pain. So, what do we do? We stretch, right? The problem is, while many people are knowledgeable enough to stretch their hamstrings or thighs, they often miss the “key” to releasing the hips and helping the low back…. stretching the Hip Flexor muscle group. The Hip Flexor muscle group consists of several muscles whose job is to flex the hip, ie, pull the knees towards the chest. These muscles also pull the upper body towards the lower body.


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