How to Avoid 5 of the Most Common Golfing Mistakes

Guest Post from Sebastian Miller, golf writer for Algarve Golf Holidays. A golf enthusiast since 1999, Sebastian is always eager to share his passion with golf newbies and experienced golfers. His articles focus on playing techniques and the best golf courses to play.

Golf is a game that involves wear and tear of the body and mind. It requires rigorous practice and concentration. But despite proper practice and training, things can go wrong. It is just that sometimes the little things get unnoticed.

golfer and golf ball

Also, sometimes it’s in the beginning and sometimes due to pressure of the game. But whatever the case, once you find these mistakes, it can be avoided. Well, Algarve golf blog is the best place wherein you can read the best golf articles and virtually learn everything about golfing.

Till then, let’s explore some of the common mistakes that every golfer makes.

1. By hitting hard This the most common mistake every golfer tends to make. The swing has to be perfect but you have to hit the club as hard as you can. It is very necessary. This can be corrected by the right practice.

The clubs are made to be hit hard and the sooner you realize the fewer mistakes you will make. Once you know your distances, hitting hard becomes a lot easier. So may be a 30-minute practice of hard-hitting is all you need for the perfect swings.

2. By learning posture alignment Well, we all know posture alignment plays an important role in golf. So, there are times when the posture, grip, and alignment don’t go hand in hand and thus the game gets ruined. The grip really can get wrong and thus ultimately the hit can go wrong. So, make sure of avoiding the mistake by keeping the grip and knee flex in alignment to get the right shot.

The right posture also gives you a feeling of self-confidence, and that’s immensely necessary for any good game.

3. By buying the right equipment People tend to show off by buying immensely pricey equipment and some people act stingy by buying completely cheap equipment. Well, the whole point is about buying the right equipment. The price does matter but not more than what you feel right. The pricey club may look classy but might not adjust to your type of swing.

The cheap club may break without notice and all your money is a waste. So, get the right equipment. It may be custom made, or hybrid, but avoid the mistake of buying the equipment just for the sake of the price tags. Make sure the equipment knows your body language.

4. By getting the right training and practice Golfing lessons can be tedious but are really important. You may feel that you have got the grip of the game in just a few sessions, but that is not true. Every course is different. You need to be really ready for the game.

Learning golf is actually a long process and even the professionals can get it wrong. So, make sure to complete your training and practice with the right people. Lack of training and practice can ruin a professional golf career.

5. By avoiding short game practice This is the most common mistake that is made by golf players. The established players generally take advantage of this weakness of the upcoming players. The short game is ignored in practice sessions and that is where the actual game gets ruined. The short games are free and they must be practiced seriously as the long game.

If you ask the professionals, they may tell you that being best at the short game is actually the secret to good golf. So before or after the game, just practice the short game and let your competitor be astonished when you make your weakness your strength.

So, these are some mistakes that can be avoided while playing golf. We are sure if you have a trainer, he will guide you through your personal limitations and make them your strong points. But for that, you need to practice golf with the ultimate dedication and then you can never go wrong.

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