How to Encourage More Women To Play Golf – Part 3

This is the third of three articles written by golf writer and amateur golfer, Thomas Jeffries

Golf for BusinessWhile many people are aware of the social and health benefits of golf, there’s one major benefit that is often overlooked – benefits at work.

Golf is often seen as the sport of business, and for good reason. According to an infographic by, one quarter of the 25 million golfers in the US are “top business execs”, whilst more than a third of people surveyed said that some of their biggest business deals were made on the course.

Corporate golf days are when people play golf to create better business relations, and are being increasingly used by companies to allow them to better interact with their staff and their clients. These days are perfect opportunities for women in particular to get out on the course with important people in their company, make some good impressions and get noticed. While there may be more men playing golf in a corporate golf event, any women that plays will stand out far more – increasing your chances of being noticed on the course and in the office.

With all these reasons to start playing golf, where should someone start?

  • Find your local course, or decide on where you want to play
  • Take lessons – this will help you to pick up the game quicker, and will teach you etiquette
  • Don’t play on the course until you think you’re ready
  • Always observe the dress code – this is very important on any golf course
  • Have fun!

Golf is a great sport and can help you not just in a social aspect, but in a business setting too. Showing your skills on the course and in the office will help you make an all-round positive impression on people in your business, and can help you break through the “grass ceiling”. To find out more about women and business golf, read OnlineGolf’s article here.

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