I Want You All To Know About This…

…But I just want to spread the news far and wide, that after almost a year of legal processing, grinding away at the legal stepstones and battering down the gates of bureaucracy… golfgurls.com has, at last, been trademarked! We’ve added the “sacred” ® to our logo on the header of each page and accept all the kudos forthcoming.

Thanks for all your continued support. We are now well established. Yahoooeeeee! Raise a glass of Johnny Walker Blue! (Only the best!)

– Pat Mullaly, Editor, golfgurls.com ® !!!!!

  6 comments for “I Want You All To Know About This…

  1. Pat says:

    Thanks Keith for pointing out an obvious mistake in the movie poll. My mind must have been on the Masters and Tiger when I set it up. Could correct it, but just for fun will see how many are as quick to notice the mistake! 🙂

  2. seewitch says:

    Keith. What a hoot! Good Catch… Must be one of those slips of the mind!

  3. keith says:

    Favorite golf movie “Legend of TIGER VANCE…?” could have sworn
    it was BAGGER VANCE, no? REALLY kinda SICK of TIGER anything, as of late…!

  4. Marge Reardon says:

    Congratulations Pat!

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