Playing Golf In The Cold? This Vest Is Guaranteed To Keep You Warm

It’s too cold to play golf here in the North East. At least for me. I am a bit of a timid soul when it comes to hitting the golf course when it’s below 45 degrees. Call me a whimp, but that’s how it is. Last fall I played in a tournament that lasted almost six hours! Everyone was so cold and slow, it was hard to play. We teed off in temps that were close to 40 degrees and it all went downhill from there. Not my favorite event as you can imagine.

mobilewarmingvestGolf would have been a lot more fun if I had one of these heated jackets or vests from Mobile Warming. (Here’s an example: Mobile Warming Women’s Classic Softshell Vest) I discovered these great products at the January PGA show. The sales rep took me through all the features and I tried one on for size. Super comfortable and toasty. Wearing one of these jackets totally eliminates the need for bulky layers of clothing that might keep you warm, but definitely makes your swing a lot harder to pull off well.

How do they work? What’s inside that keeps you toasty? and how long does the warmth last? Would one of these vests have kept me going through that horrid 6 hour round of golf last fall?

Absolutely would have helped for sure. Here are the major features:

  • The heat comes from micro-alloy heating elements built into the chest and back areas
  • There are four heat settings which you control, the higher the temp, the shorter the duration but once you start swinging you’ll want to lower the heat setting… keep it on low and the heat will last a full 8 hours!!!
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery and a wall charger
  • Materials are breathable, washable

The vests and jackets come in several colors, for both ladies and men, and are quite good looking. They also have heated golf mitts, back wraps and even a heated golf cart seat if you insist on driving around the course in a golf cart. (I find it a lot warmer to walk! Keep that circulation going!)

If you play golf in the cold, you owe it to yourself to check out Mobile Warming.

Do you play in the cold? or even in the chilly air? How low will you go for golf? Leave your comment in the space below.

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