The Best Way To Store Your Golf Bag In The Off-Season

It’s winter in the northeast of the USA and my golf game is on hold till at least the January thaw. Playing golf in below freezing temps is not my idea of a good time. So I gave in to reality sometime in mid December and took my golf clubs out of the trunk of my car where I store them during the season (I  have since discovered that trunk storage is a very bad idea — more on this below) and stored them in the cellar.

Stuck in amongst some old chairs and a stack of summer camping equipment, the golf clubs look very sad. I pass by the golf bag each time I head to the laundry room, and my Snoopy headcover just stares at me from the top of my 5 wood. A stored golf bag is a very sorry sight. But at least the clubs are in a safe place. Or are they?

The question got me thinking. If you have to store your golf clubs for the “off season” what’s the best way to store them? So I’ve done a little research on the question and share my findings with you.

  • The best place to store your golf clubs is in a temperature controlled area. Not too hot, not too cold, and a place that is not too humid. NOTE: The truck of your car is NOT a good place for club storage, even though it is very convenient. The change in temperatures can actually damage your clubs, and having them tossed around while you’re driving is not a great idea either.
  • You don’t want mold or mildew to attack your bag or your grips. So be sure the area is dry. It’s nearly impossible to get rid of mold once it invades.
  • Clubs should be stored in an upright position and in your bag so that they aren’t all tangled up. If you just toss them in a corner of a clothes closet, chances are they could get bent or dinged, especially if the closet is used a lot and you have to keep pushing the clubs out of the way to grab your jacket.
  • If you have headcovers for your driver and woods, be sure to use them. Not only does it keep everything in one place it keeps your clubs from dust, scratches and gouges.
  • And before you store your clubs, be sure to clean them with soap and water and let them dry thoroughly.
  • If you really want to get fancy about club storage and you want to keep all your golf equipment in one spot you can find some great storage racks at golf retailers such as

So, are your stored golf clubs safe this “off-season?” I think mine are going to be fine. Hopefully, the weather will get warmer and my clubs will be back up near the front door, ready to head out for another practice round before you know it.

Where do you store your clubs? Do you have a special rack? What’s your best advice?

  5 comments for “The Best Way To Store Your Golf Bag In The Off-Season

  1. Pat says:

    Always good to clean out the bag pockets a couple of times each season!!! Sometimes you’ll be surprized at what you find… Once, I found $20! … and that was a very pleasant event. 🙂

  2. Brandi Jo says:

    I had a mouse climb into a staff bag I was storing at our ranch house a few (10) winters back… When I returned the bag to my rotation, after flying back to Phoenix… bag and mouse in tow… He was discovered by my caddy during a pro-am… and the smell!

    Poor little mouse

  3. Marianne Shafer says:

    Great advice on storing your clubs. I’d like to add that while you are washing your clubs, you also clean out all the pockets in the golf bag. A half-eaten pack of peanut butter crackers, left zipped up in my bag when I stored it in my garage, was so appealing to our local mouse that he chewed right through the heavy material, climbed in and had a feast. For my enjoyment he left the packaging and some crumbs behind, as well as his “calling card”.

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