How To Stop Topping Your Fairway Woods

I just bought a couple of new fairway woods from Cobra. The Cobra Baffler 3 wood and 5 wood have the “F” style baffler rails on the sole face which helps cut through the low rough in which I often find myself.

But having a great club in your bag does not necessarily solve all your problems. I played at my home club the other day. On the 575 yard 18th hole, I hit my drive into the left rough. Thanks to the 3 wood’s design, I was easily able to get out, up and back on the fairway. I was impressed with the distance and control. But I still had almost 175 yards to the green.

And this is where things got nasty. I was determined to get to the green in 3. I was thinking too much. Instead of just letting the club do the work, my body got in the way. I swung too hard and topped the ball, sending a “worm burner” 100 yards down the runway. Way too short! I find this is my biggest challenge: to calm down, and stop trying too hard. My shots always end up as disasters when I put too much effort into a swing. I end up with “chicken wing” arms!

Does this happen to you? You might find this video from Peak Performance Golf a real help in understanding why it happens and what you can do to make it all stop!
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Do you sometimes swing too hard? What’s your key to keeping an easy swing? Add your comment below.

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  1. Golf Ladies Clothing says:

    I’ve always struggled with hitting my fairwood woods…going out in 2 hours and will give the instruction a try! Wish me luck and I will let you know how I do.

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