The Secret To The Best Sunblock On The Market

If you play golf outdoors (and who doesn’t), you need to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Yesterday during my weekly round of golf with my local league, one of the women asked my advice about sunscreen for golfers. She was wearing a wide golf visor and sunglasses to protect her face and eyes from the glare and damaging uv rays, but she’s been playing under the hot sun and has developed a couple of sun blisters on her lips.

My first advice was to have her seek the guidance of her dermatologist. (She already had an appointment scheduled. Lucky!) Unfortunately so many of us are suffering with sun damaged skin, it’s hard to get an appointment! Fortunately, the last time I met with my skin specialist I asked her the very question my friend was asking.

What is the best sunblock on the market for people who play golf all season? What do I use to protect my skin?

The reality is that for most of us who play outdoors, the damage is already done. So many women have foolishly spent their teenage years on the beach or poolside, slathered in baby oil, seeking the perfect tan. Our skin is now  showing the results, and our dermatologists are warning us, if we don’t get the right skin protection there will be serious consequences.

No one wants to look older than they are. But skin, especially facial skin, can reveal your age faster than just about any other feature. You can call them “freckles” but when those brown age spots start to grow and pop… it’s time for some serious prevention.

Here is the advice my dermatologist gave me.

If you’re shopping for sun protection, I suggest you bypass the sunscreen and go directly to the sunblock. Sunscreen does what it says: it screens the harmful rays of the sun, but they still get through, no matter how high the number. What you want to do is BLOCK the sun’s damaging rays, and for that you need to get a product that contains ZINC, the best known blocker on the planet. Remember those lifeguards with their noses covered with white cream? The smart ones used zinc to protect their facial features. Without it, serious sun damage was inevitable. There are a number of products on the market, both in stores and on line. Look for ZINC as the active ingredient and you will be using a product that will do the job correctly. Your skin needs all the protection you can give it. With both a high number of UV protection (above 30 at least) and ZINC as the active ingredient, you will be making a smart choice when it comes to choosing a product that you can count on to protect your skin against the aging effects of the sun.Solbar Sunblock

One product that meets all these requirements and is doctor recommended is SOLBAR. It is available online at a variety of sites. I’ve shopped around and the best price for a 4 oz. tube is at Click here to purchase Solbar Zinc SPF 38 4 oz.
directly from

Here are what customers are saying about SOLBAR:

5 STAR Average Customer Rating: (101 Reviews)

  • “I use this when I’m doing a sport, since it’s water resistant. It has never given my sensitive skin any problems. I’m sure I could use it on my face, but I like cosmedix spray-on sunscreen for that.”
  • “Product is non-greasy and makes skin feel so soft – with no allergic reactions of any kind.
  • “After years of looking and experimenting with over the counter sunscreens, Zolbar Zinc SPF 38 is unique to other sunscreen products because it protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays, which is important for the skin. It doesn’t stain the clothes, and it mosturizes the face.”

Do you have a sunscreen product you use and can recommend? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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  1. tan says:

    Overall, Amazon is a wonderful place for the best tanning
    creams at an extremely discounted rate to help you save some serious
    cash and get the products you really want. To start with, one should
    test out this product by making use of the item with a small
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    • Pat Mullaly says:

      I play with a woman golfer who recommend Clinique Tanning Creams… you just have to be careful you don’t use too much or you’ll turn orange!!!

  2. TS Mulveigh says:

    The best sunscreen/sunblock I have found is Sunbuddy. It is a natural sunscreen. What I like about it is that it is not greasy and won’t run and sting your eyes at all. it can be ordered on line at

  3. Bobbi Steward says:

    Wonderful article! It’s absolutely essential to educate women golfers everywhere on the importance of protecting your skin while out on the golf course. Since your article was published, Golfersskin Sunscreen has launched into the USA. We’re a company from New Zealand, making an ultra-performance sunscreen designed specifically for golfers. Our non-greasy, super sweat resistant formula contains ZINC & TITANIUM DIOXIDE, the two most commonly recommended ingredients by dermatologists. We’ve also included antioxidant rich Manuka Honey, found only in New Zealand. Manuka Honey fights free radicals, and even treats skin conditions like acne. We would love to send you a sample! Thank you again for your hard work in educating golfers on the importance of sun safety!

  4. Mark Wishner says:

    You can learn more about sun protection for golfers at

    We are a non profit organization that teaches sun protection and skin cancer prevention programs specifically for golfers.

    Check out our website and videos.

  5. Karen C says:

    I’ve used Mary Kay’s SPF 30 Sunscreen for years and years. Put it on, go swimming, lay out in the sun, sweat, work in the yard. Only have to re-apply after 3 – 4 hours.

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