Top Five Keys To Success When Buying Ladies Golf Club Sets

In this guest post, author Laura Colley offers some expert advice to women golfers looking to buy new golf clubs. Consider size, shaft style, weight, style, and your budget!

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Ladies Golf Club Sets – Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Clubs

By Laura Colley

Ladies golf club sets are not all created equally. Like many things, they are made differently based on gender simply because women and men are built differently. However, even within the ladies section of clubs, people will need to consider the different products that are available to ensure that they are getting the best possible clubs that they can. So many people will have different ideas of what they want, need, or expect from their ladies’ clubs, but it is up to you to choose what type of clubs you want and which elements matter most.

You will need to consider things like size, weight, and the style of the clubs so that you can get the best products that are available. Most women use lighter clubs that are shorter simply because they have a slower swing and shorter stance, but this is not always the case. There didn’t used to be a lot of selection for ladies golf club sets, but the world has changed dramatically and many top-name golf companies now provide a wider selection as more women become interested in golfing. You can find clubs from brands like Titleist, Cleveland Golf, Callaway, and more.

Choosing the right ladies golf club sets will make all the difference in the success of your game. In turn, this will impact your overall golfing experience depending on how well you play. The best way to choose the right ladies golf clubs is to try them out, really. Make sure that you visit a pro shop or sporting goods store where professionals are aware of how clubs are supposed to fit, feel, and work with different people. Then, you can use their assistance to figure out which clubs are best based on your needs and desires.

You will have to think about your budget, as well, when shopping for ladies golf club sets. You might find some great cheap sets, but you really get what you pay for when it comes to golf clubs. If you’re an avid golfer you will spend more than others who aren’t as frequent within the sport. However, if you are an occasional golfer, it might be okay to go with the cheaper clubs in the long run. The choice is yours to make, and you can easily find what you need. The only thing that matters is that you take the time to check out the clubs that are available and find the ones that best suit your specific needs.

If you’re looking for ladies petite golf clubs, Golf Girl manufactures a great set for women under 5 foot 4 inches. These clubs are perfect for the beginner or for someone who is an occasional golfer. You can find out more at and read testimonials from happy customers.

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  6 comments for “Top Five Keys To Success When Buying Ladies Golf Club Sets

  1. Pat says:

    Sorry Claire, don’t have that history of short golf clubs handy… But you can do some research on ebay… here is a link to a vintage golf club ebay seller that might give you the information you are looking for:

  2. claire G Morelli says:

    they were for short small women

  3. claire G Morelli says:

    I am trying to remember the name of a set of clubs my friend owned and played with back in the 1940’s and cannot recall the name. Can you help me?

    Thank you,


  4. Pat Mullaly says:

    Re: new clubs vs. new grips – Grips wear out if you play a lot and they are a lot cheaper to replace! If you find your hands slipping a bit on the grip try replacing those first. If your swing speed hasn’t changed and you haven’t changed your usual set up at address, I suspect it’s your grips that are the problem. If you still suspect the clubs are the issue it might be worth an appt with your local pro for an evaluation.

  5. Pat Mullaly says:

    Thanks for your comment Nadine. Getting fitted for clubs is an interesting and sometimes confounding experience. I was fitted for a new set of irons last year, Callaways. Because I have a rather fast swing the pro set me up with a men’s flex shaft rather than a woman’s which is also often used for senior men. She told me that the names associated with different shafts was being changed by manufacturers from “men’s, women’s and seniors” to different numbers and colors. The reason: Many senior men complained they were being told to use women’s shafts because they were more flexible and were more efficient for a slower swing. They were insulted even though the flexible shaft was a better fit. So ignore the name on the shaft and look at the stiffness or flexibility as a better gauge for what should fit you. It all depends on your swing.

  6. Nadine Pfautz says:

    I recently overheard a woman talking about being fitted with new clubs. She ended up with senior men’s flex clubs instead of women’s clubs. Next week I’ll follow up to learn where she was fitted, why they chose that particular flex for her, and if she has seen a difference in her play. Any comment on this option?

    As a follow-up on the subject – how do you know if you need a new set of clubs versus just new grips?

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