Where Do You Place Your Golf Ball? – You Could Be Wrong!

I have heard instructors give a wide variety of directives to golfers about the right spot on which to place the golf ball when a player is about to hit. Some have a simple approach. Jack Nicklaus, for example, is often quoted as telling golfers to just place the ball in the center of your stance and let the club length do the rest. Well, if you are the “Golden Bear” that general instruction might work for you. But I need a little more explanation.

“Plunk the ball down between your feet, a little nudge towards your outside foot,” doesn’t do it for me either. I need to know why! (It’s just the way I think. If I know why I should place the ball in a certain place, then my visual mind can “see” it, understand it, and remember it.)

I’ve been looking for a good video on YouTube that explains ball position, and I think I’ve found it. From Golf Tips Magazine, Tom Leese, an instructor from Las Vegas, makes it all understandable. Even if you think you know where the ball should be placed, I recommend you watch this video. If you sometimes have a tendency to have a ball “pop up” or go running straight down the fairway like a bowling ball, then you should certainly watch this video. It will explain to you why those bad shots happen and help make ball position all the more understandable. Consistently using good ball position will help make your game all the more consistent.

Here’s to lower scores and winning rounds!

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