Bionic Golf Glove – Review: The Classic Series

Golfers began wearing gloves to protect their hands back in the 1890s. (See this post for the full backstory.) And, as with most products, some are of better quality than others. One of the best line of golf gloves are those manufactured by Bionics.

Bionics Classic Golf Glove for WomenIn this product review, our volunteer reviewer, C. H.  gives her honest feedback on the Bionics Classic Series Glove.

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Q. For this review, you received the Bionic Classic Series Golf Glove. What was your initial reaction to  styling and fit?
A. Both styling and fit were fine. The color was white so it went with anything I wore.

Q. How many rounds of golf did you play wearing the glove?
A. Five rounds at my golf club, and one round indoors at a golf simulator.

Q. How did the glove perform on the golf course?
A. The glove performed very well. I had a better feel for the club shaft while I was playing. I have some arthritis in my hand, but the glove was very comfortable and remained flexible.

Q. Was the glove comfortable enough to just forget it?
A. Yes. I have one finger on my hand that usually aches a bit, but these gloves fit so well, the finger felt fine and I was able to just forget about it.

Q. Did the glove wear well?
A. Yes. There was no noticeable wear and tear.

Q. Did you wash the glove?
A. No, but I intend to do so.

Q. Would you buy a Bionics Classic Series golf glove for yourself?
A. Yes. In fact, I like the glove so much, I bought a second Classic glove for my other hand.

Q. Would you recommend this glove to your golfing friends?
A. Yes. Absolutely.

Q. The glove retails for $24.99. Do you think the price is right?
A. I would prefer $19.99

The Bottom Line: The Bionic Classic Series Golf Glove is stylish and comfortable. This golfer has a bit of arthritis in her hands, but even with this condition, she found the gloves to give her the support she needed. In fact, she found the gloves so comfortable, she purchased a second glove for her other hand. The gloves wore well through six rounds of golf. The only down side is the price of $24.99 which she found to be a little on the high side. found the Bionic Women’s Classic All White Golf Glove is now available at from $13.99! The Glove is also available with pink, light pink and blue detailing.

We give this product five tees!

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