Which Golf Ball Is Right For Your Game?

How important is the golf ball to your score?

Matini Golf TeesThe most important piece of golf equipment you will ever use during a round of golf is: TADA!!! the golf ball. That’s right. That little ball that you whack around the course makes all the difference in your game.

When you first begin playing golf, it doesn’t really matter which golf ball you use. In fact, it’s best if you stay away from those expensive top-of-the-line $3.50 a “pop” golf balls you get from your Aunt Lily as a Christmas present. Lose one of those and you’ll start some negative thinking. The best ball choice for a beginner is a bag of used balls. Buy them in bulk and just get out there and start swinging.

But once you have begun to play and you can consistently hit the ball on or near the fairway, you want to start testing different balls to see how they play with your game. Some balls are soft, some hard. Some are best if you have a fast swing. Some perform better if you’re a slow swinger.

Every manufacturer of golf balls will have a variety of balls to choose from. And you need to test a few until you find the one that “feels” right to you. Do you like a hard snappy ball that pings off the club face? or a softer feel that “flows” onto the green? It’s all a matter of personal preference. And no where does this difference matter more than in your short game.

Spin affects each shot you play. On long shots, low spin contributes to longer, straighter distance. On short shots and chips, more spin provides stopping power to hold greens. There are significant performance differences between golf ball models. You need to test a variety of balls to find out which matches the way you play.

This short podcast explains your choices in more detail. You can listen here, or download it to listen later. Also available free in the iTunes Podcast Library.

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