Golf Fashions For Real Women

Are you looking for golf fashions that will really fit?

I saw some great golf fashions at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show. And I’ll be writing more posts about them in the coming days. But to be honest, most of the fashion designs are geared towards the 20 – 40 market who are no bigger than a size 4! Horizontal stripes that cross right at the “wrong” spot and short sleeves or no sleeve tops were everywhere. I’ve been getting some feedback from readers looking for fashions that are more focused on the 40+ market.

“I want to look good on the golf course. But there’s nothing out there that I can fit into that allows me to feel comfortable when I play.” one reader wrote.

I think I’ve found a design firm that is determined to meet this market. Introducing Tomboy Exchange. They are an absolutely new company, just getting off the ground this week with some great ideas for making comfortable clothing for women 40+. I interviewed their CEO Fran Dunaway and she shared their philosophy and gave me a sneak peak of some of their upcoming golf polos.

Their company is committed to bringing women over 40 clothing that is tailored to fit their bodies comfortably, but still represent a spunky tomboy attitude.

Golf Polo from TomboyExchange“There isn’t a clothing line that is focused solely on the 40+ demographic in the same way that we are,” stated CEO of Tomboy X, Fran Dunaway. “Tomboy Exchange is about democratizing fashion and paying attention to a demographic that has been ignored by the fashion industry.”

Want to learn more about this new company? Visit their website: tomboyexchange. com

Have you been able to find golf fashions that really fit you? Tell us.

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