How To Stay In Shape For Golf During The Off-Season

Staying Fit For Golf

As the weather gets colder here in the northeast, the golf courses are beginning to close their doors. We still have a few days of golfing weather left on the calendar as a few golf courses stay open all year ’round. And there is always hope for that “January Thaw.” But for many golfers, the chilly mornings when the temps dip below 40 degrees are just too cold and uncomfortable to play. Time to store the clubs away ’til the spring.

It’s time for Off-Season Fitness Training. This guest post by Lee Dobbins offers some practical advice for how to keep yourself in shape while the snow flies.

Practicing Golf During The Off-Season

Golf just like baseball and football has an off-season. Though there are no tournaments during this time, this doesn’t mean that players stop practicing and preparing for the next game.

Most players rest for a period of time to recharge the body from the stress of competing in the PGA tour season. Studies have shown that having a time off enables the individual to play better golf and avoid making lower scores.

When the body is rested, it is time to work on things such as balance, endurance, flexibility, power and strength. The best way to do this will be by enrolling in a fitness program.

There might be a gym in the area where the individual can sign up and pump those muscles. This is necessary to be consistent each time the player gets the club and swings during each shot.

The off-season in golf usually happens before winter sets in. Since the course will be covered in snow, the ideal place to practice then is in the golf range that is open all year round. The person can get a bucket of balls and fire some into the distance.

Some people hire a golfing instructor to observe the technique into each stroke. Others who want to work alone can do this by looking in front of a mirror or having this captured in a video cam for review later.

It is advisable to do this twice a week so that improvements can be done before the season begins.

SKLZ Golf Flex 40Another way to help improving the game is by using some golfing aids and a good example is a weighted club. This could be 2 or 5 pounds heavier than the one the player is using but it has been proven to execute better drives. Those who have used this claim to feel awkward at first but this will be easier later on.

Another device that can also be used is a golf swing trainer. This doesn’t look like an ordinary club because it isn’t straight. There are a lot of these in the market and the individual should check it out at the specialty store. Amazon carries the SLKLZ Gold Flex (pictured here) which has over 7,000 5 star reviews. See the reviews.

The golf slice is another aid that could help in the golf game. This can be used in the course or in the range enabling the person to hit the ball closer to the hole than landing in a sand trap.

The key to winning the game is hitting the ball into the hole in a few strokes. The player can practice this by also investing in a golf-putting track that can be set up in the office or at home. The only thing the individual will need is a flat surface so this can be laid on the floor.

The price of these aids can be $20 to $200 a piece. These can be purchased in sporting goods or in the Internet. Since there are many brands, the person can ask a friend for a good recommendation if this is the first time to use any of this equipment to improve in the game.

As the season gets closer, the number of times spent practicing at the range should increase. The person must continue going to the gym to sustain the endurance that will come in handy when the first tournament begins.

The individual may also play a game with friends to familiarize with the course without the presence of fans and other onlookers that puts some pressure on the game.

There is no easy way to win in golf. Some people may have talent but have to strengthen this because there are new players joining in the game as well as veterans hoping to make a comeback and wearing that championship jacket.

Practice is important during the off-season and it doesn’t matter if the individual is a professional golfer or an amateur. This is because this is the only way to excel in this sport.

The person should practice as often as possible by exercising in the gym or in the range by using weightlifting equipment, a treadmill and golfing aids. This enables the person to be consistent when the seasons start again from the first hole until the last.

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