Have A Golf Fitness Question? Our Golf Fitness Trainer Has The Answer

Kathy Ekdahl, Certified TPI Golf Fitness CoachWe want to introduce the readers of golfgurls.com to our resident golf fitness trainer, Kathy Ekdahl. She is ready to answer your golf fitness questions.

Kathy Ekdahl, CSCS, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, is the owner of Personal Best Personal Training in Hudson, Massachusetts. She is a former health club owner and has been teaching Yoga since 1997. Kathy is also a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor and is the Staff Personal Trainer at The International Golf Club, Bolton, MA. She will soon publish a series of Golf Fitness Guides and videos in association with golfgurls.com.

Why a Golf Fitness Trainer?

If you’re like most people, you make it to the golf course with only minutes to spare. No time for the practice range, or putting green, but you do try to get in a few quick stretches to loosen up those tight muscles before you start swinging that driver.

Every year thousands of golfers suffer injuries, some minor, some major, because they have not prepared themselves to play. Swinging that driver takes a lot of energy and puts a great deal of pressure on your body. Twist, turn, swing — if you don’t do a few basic exercises ahead of time to let your body know it’s about to play golf, those injuries are just waiting to happen.

If you have a golf fitness question, ask our trainer for advice.

For your convenience we have set up a special form on the “Ask The Fitness Trainer” page. Visit the page, fill in the form and Kathy will respond to you promptly.

  2 comments for “Have A Golf Fitness Question? Our Golf Fitness Trainer Has The Answer

  1. Judy Webber says:

    I decided last week to ask a question here, it was in my opinion complicated and I expected a brief answer. I got a multi question email to ascertain why I had this hip situation and how it looked when looking at my body from the front and side, knees, shoulders etc. Kathy has, since reviewing this information, sent me a group of stretching and strengthening exercises and a list of what not to further tighten with exercise. I am impressed beyond words with her kindness in doing this and her expertise, she makes perfect sense, she is indeed very good. If I lived anywhere near Kathy I would have her work me through the program. Highly recommend this caring and knowledgeable lady…thank you so much

    • Pat Mullaly says:

      Thanks Judy. It’s always great to hear positive feedback. Kathy is a great fitness instructor and has a lot of experience and insight working with golfers. I am passing on your kind words. You might also be interested in a program the two of us developed called Getting Golf Ready. In it Kathy walks you through a step by step golf fitness self assessment so you learn your strengths and weaknesses.

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